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About Yvonne

Yvonne van Dalen is a business and marketing strategist for photographers, graphic designers, cinematographers and creatives entrepreneurs who want to impact clients with their artwork and creativity.

In her program and her one-to-one coaching packages she has trained clients and students to revamp their entire business and customer service set-up, streamline their back office, create a lead generating marketing strategy and grow their free time at the same time.

Yvonne's clients turn into empowered entrepreneurs who work with dream clients that respect their true authentic vision and service.

Yvonne works 10 hours a week and spends her afternoons, weekends and school holidays with her family, 2 kids and friends. She is a photographer, hugger, minimalist, vegan, pizza lover, day dreamer, reader, lego fan, hiker and meditation aficionado. She lives in the Netherlands.

Yvonne has been featured in magazines and websites like Thrive Global, Brainz, Medium, Authority Mag, ImprovePhoto, Moeders Minimalisme and Sweat & Be Fit. She has been a guest on podcasts like The Entrepreneur Way, The Business of Photography and Kim De Graeve.

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Start making time to make time

You know you are ready, you have been for years.

And admit it, we are ALL busy.

So, let's dive in read more on Yvonne's journey below.

Yvonne shares her journey to a 20-hour work week

"Before I had kids, I was ALWAYS working. First 15 years in my own translation agency and then I opened up my own photography studio in 2010.

Fun fact: I didn't even own a camera!


I got to spend more time on doing something that I LOVED (working with people) and that made me feel HAPPY (creating tangible memories). But the hours I put in were straining: 60-90 hours a week! I was buried in never-ending to-do lists, and didn't pay myself enough. I lacked in marketing and business skills. And I missed out on my personal life. I didn't know how to keep a healthy schedule and I was burning myself out..."

The  Clueless  Perfectionist

"Why the burn-out? Meet my old pitfall: PROCRASTINATION by PERFECTIONISM. Scream if you are with me? First I will have the perfect website, brochure, etc. (fill in the blanks), and then clients will find me and pay me more. Guess how that worked out...

Plus, I was guilty of my own "Fingers Crossed Marketing" strategy. You know, when you put up that Facebook Ad with a 0% conversion rate? Recognizable? Yes, I can see you nodding your head.


When my son was born in 2011, life took a turn and flipped my "Always working" routine upside down. I was now a mother and I knew I wanted to be a good example for him! But when my daughter was born in 2013, I was still struggling. Things really had to change..."

I was head over heels in love with my kids, and I wanted to spend my time with them

"I knew that I had to change, but I never figured out how, and time went by.

I kept struggling and making long hours during the day, in the 'free' evenings and weekends.


And the worst thing: I was spending most of my hard-earned money on daycare.

Leaving me penniless and tired..."