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The Beginning of Focus

At my lowest point in my business and in the middle of my burn-out, I decided I'd had enough. I was ready to take steps for transforming my business and my work-life balance. I wanted to WORK LESS and make MORE MONEY, it is as simple as that.

I hired a dreambuilder coach and had to dig deep on getting my sense of self back, something that had gotten lost on the way of becoming an overworked mom with a camera. It was a challenging journey, but I rediscovered my purpose and my core values in life:


Connection with my family and my relationships with others

Authenticity with myself, my life and my purpose

Contribution elevating the photography industry and helping others by teaching

Then I signed up for a Business Bootcamp and took on a Marketing training, which turned out to be the business life-changers for me. Believe me, I GOT MY B*** KICKED, and  I learned why the average entrepreneur is BROKE and TIRED, how to implement remarkable marketing strategies to increase TURNOVER and PROFITS, and how to make my photography business ENGAGING and ATTRACTIVE to clients.

AND GETTING MYSELF THE RIGHT COACH AND TRAINERS? That was the best investment I had ever made!

I finally began living from my dream

I completely overhauled the structure of my business.

I restructured my TIME,


my business WORKFLOW and my MINDSET.

I started implementing MARKETING STRATEGIES

and build systems to GENERATE MORE LEADS.




I was able to increase my average sale per client by a tenfold!

I went from €150 to €1500 per client and

I'm now making €2.500-€20.000 per booking.


Plus, I regained my personal time, focus and energy!

I currently only work 20 hours a week

and spend all afternoons and weekends with my family and friends.

I have time to take a day off when I want, and we travel.

I am now teaching it forward

Over the past years my "advice muscle" has grown into a fully developed coaching business.

For photographers and freelance spirits like you,

who care deeply about themselves and are proud of being a creative.

Who want to contribute and make their own money.

I am teaching other photographers.

I see them transform.

And it feels AWESOME!

Why do I tell you this?

Yvonne van Dalen is Photographers Coach

The point is that YOU can make this transformation.

In your business and in your personal life.

I know how it feels, because I stood in your shoes once.

I have been in survival mode, felt like a failure, had imposter syndrome, and suffered from the working mom guilt.

I have a list of problems I had to face.

And I'm so proud that I never gave up on my DREAM.

I KNOW it can be overwhelming, but there's HOPE.

You can get your VISION, PROFIT and FREE TIME back on track,

if you hire the right person to support you.

If your business improves, so does the quality of your personal life.

And vice versa.

Just. Take. Action.

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