Marielle Spijkers van Hamont Testimonial Studio Sessions

Interview met een klant: ontmoet Marielle Spijkers-van Hamont

Voor wie is het programma Studio Sessions het meest geschikt in jouw ogen?
Voor wie niet! Ow ja voor diegene die blij zijn met een minimum inkomen en een werkweek van 60+ uren hahahaha.
Nee even serieus. Ik raad het iedereen aan die zijn fotografiebedrijf (maar ik denk zelfs ook andere bedrijven) naar een hoger leven wil tillen. Je leert zo onwijs veel en het is zo waardevol. Of je nou startende bent of al een oude rot in het vak. Een carrière switch wilt maken of gewoon wilt bijleren het is echt een top programma. Wat ik nieuwe cursisten wel aanraad is dat als ze voor Studio Sessions kiezen er ook wel echt de tijd en energie in moeten steken en er voor de volle 110% voor moeten gaan. Yvonne is zo toegewijd aan haar cursisten en geeft zich ook voor de volle 110% dus dan is het wel fijn als ze dat ook terug kan verwachten.

Tackle Your Imposter Syndrome In Your Business featured image

Tackle Your Imposter Syndrome In Your Business

We all have our good and bad days, but being your own boss can really be challenging as you don’t have a manager to point the finger at when things get tough. You have to be able to face all demons that come up, all insecurities that come along the way, so you don’t stay stuck but move your business forward. One of the main things that come up when growing your business is the Imposter Syndrome. Feeling like a fraud, a fake, ready to be “caught” at any time. But there’s a cure. In this blog I’m going to help you with tips on how to battle this Gremlin of a feeling and show you how you can embrace it to help yourself and your business thrive even more.

Danielle Garber is the founder of Be More You branding and marketing

Meet the Guest Trainers: Danielle Garber

Danielle Garber is the founder of Be More You branding and marketing. She is a brand and content marketer who spent 16 years, working with some of the UK’s best-known brands including Apple, Amazon, John Lewis, B&Q, Barratt Homes & PC World. 

She’s worked with six-figure marketing budgets, agencies and large teams but has also worked with TINY budgets and a marketing department of ONE. Working with her husband’s Financial Services business she took their monthly web traffic from 400 to 17,000 visits a month – in under 12 months.

Danielle knows how to create successful brands and content that stands out from the crowd and believes that the key to that success is sharing more of what makes your business unique – you! Be More You was created to help passionate small businesses stand out from the crowd, increase their impact and charge their worth. 

The 6 biggest reasons why photography businesses fail

6 of the Main Reasons Why Photography Businesses Fail

When you start out as a photographer you are filled with excitement and enthusiasm, because you can FINALLY start doing the work you LOVE and make clients HAPPY! Right? Well, that is an aspect of the business that is true. And that’s why I started my own photography business over 10 years ago. But running…


Breaking All Business Growth Barriers

Jessi Risley is an NLP practitioner, relationship coach, author, public speaker and entrepreneur.  
From overwhelmed entrepreneur to passionate coach; Jessi knows how you feel. She took control of her life by implementing self-transformation and has made it her mission to teach others the art of self-healing.
Jessi teaches NLP techniques to transform the mindset: releasing limiting beliefs, past traumas and reprogramming your mind for your desired future. As an expert in Reprogramming, she teaches clients how EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) relieves anxiety and stress, replenishes confidence and helps them realign with their goals.

blog never loose photos back up system

Avoid Down-Time: Back-up your precious photos and never loose work, sessions, Lightroom edits or your time again.

Avoid down-time in your photography business with this 3-step back-up system to never loose photos ever again! Every single minute that you can’t work (looking for photos you lost or your system breaking down) is loosing you money as a photographer. Make sure you fail-proof your back-up system, to optimize your business.

Cheryl Oliver is a guest trainer in Studio Sessions and talks about The Power of Funnels

The Power of Funnels: Meet Our Guest Trainer Cheryl Oliver

Cheryl will be covering how to create an automated system that is going to help you attract people, nurture those relationships and convert that into sales.

She will talk about:
– What a sales funnel is
– Why you need one
– The goals of a funnel
– and the different types of funnels


Thursday Tune-Up: My Coaching Love Child Is Born!

In this video (FB live recording) I’m talking about something that made me REALLY nervous! Wanna know what? I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with the Business of Photography by Bryan Caporicci from Sprout Studio (Sprout Studio is a Studio management suite built for photographers by photographers and basically THE all-in-one solution for all your business maganagement).

An Interview with Bryan Caporicci on Taking Ownership and Beating Fear

The Business Of Photography Podcast

Check out my latest podcast interview and free 5-day video training giveaway (!) on the “Business of Photography Podcast” with Bryan Caporicci CEO and Founder at Sprout Studio.

Group Leads turn fb group members into paying customers and grow list

Turn Group Members into Paying Leads and Customers

Convert New Facebook Group Members into Leads & Paying Customers (without Wasting Your Time & Money)
– Zapier Is Not Required
– Money-Back Guarantee
– Saves Time & Money
– Unlimited FB Groups
– Automate Lead Collection and Information Storage in Worksheet
– Say Goodbye To Expensive VAs
– Custom Welcome Message in inbox
– Custom Tags in Welcome Group Message

How to deal with overwhelm and push through fear

Move Through Overwhelm and Develop a Growth Mindset

Dealing with overwhelm? Need to develop a growth mindset? Remember that you feeling overwhelmed isn’t a focus issue, this is a commitment issue. This is a fear issue, and unless you push past this now it’s gonna keep coming up and keep coming up. And it keeps you from being successful because if fear is stopping you from investing in something that is going to change your success/your life/your business, that same fear is gonna rear its ugly head when you get tangled up in other challenges that come with being an entrepreneur. You’re not gonna get through them, because you’re not developing a habit of pushing through fear and committing on another level.


Are You A One-Trick Pony?

How have you been holding up? How are things at home? Are you rocking the pajamas and home office look? Or are you more a structured kind of girl? Talking about pajamas: as I was folding the laundry yesterday (what a glamorous email this is gonna be!), I looked at my daughter’s My Little Pony…


How does business make you feel?

Challenging time aside, how do you generally feel when doing business? Are you totally and utterly in love with it? Or do you love or hate certain aspects of it? Are you stressed, happy, anxious, worried? What’s really going on in that brain of yours?


Studio Sandwiches: free 30-day business challenge

🎖Did you temporarily have to close your studio? Are you ready to make the most of this challenging time? Put on your Superwoman Power Suit and Join my Challenge Today! 🎖


Fun facts: about Yvonne

We can all get so official on our websites, social media. Putting out content that we “think” must be put out there, and we most definitely are right most of the times. Because we think about what content will help our clients with their desires, needs, problems.

But when did we forget to have fun and just be ourselves, without overcomplicating things?

So, that’s why I thought I’d come up with an article that’s just filled with fun facts about me, Yvonne, the face behind Photographers Coach. Maybe you would like to get to know me better?


Dear Photographer, I am angry

Dear Photographer,

I am ashamed of you. And I’m angry. Let me tell you why.

My name is Yvonne van Dalen and I’m a newborn and family photographer from the Netherlands. I have currently closed my studio due to the measures around the Corona Virus. Things have been a bit surrealistic here, as it has been absolutely quiet for the first time in my career. Shoots have been postponed, meetings are held online and every inquiry has been put on a waiting list. This feels like something out of a movie. But it’s reality.

props and shops fotografen event fotoachtergronden

Props & Shops 2020: Exclusive Business Masterclasses

The fourth edition of Props & Shops is an event that is tailor-made for photographers in all genres. This weekend-long platforms hosts a large number of prop vendors, business masterclasses, photography workshops and a place to connect and brainstorm with your fellow photographers.


Timeless Newborn Workshop with Shan Fisher

Two-day intensive & comprehensive workshop will teach you the skills to create timeless & emotional storytelling photographs that your clients will love & help take your business to the next level.


Photo Proud: photography training for creative entrepreneurs by Ria Mishaal

Learn to take scroll-stopping photos of what you make so you can attract your dream clients and never be stuck for beautiful images again


Woman of Influence


I’ve been asked to do an exclusive interview and I have signed the paper work last week, but I can hardly believe this is going to happen know. It still needs to sink in as I type these words.


Meet the Guest Trainers: Marieke Anthonisse

In this online masterclass you will focus on your time and your life as a woman in business. In addition to your professional knowledge and passion, you need more to make your business a success. Your own definition of success of course. It’s about mindset, becoming the boss you need.


Perfectly Imperfect!

A client of mine said to me last week: Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you’re not perfect! Well, sure. Why would I be?

Are you perfect? I’m not! Thank God! Being perfect or striving to best sounds really exhausting and so surreal.

I have learned a long time ago to embrace my imperfections and just go ahead living.

Just this week I had a rather imperfect moment at the gym when my personal trainer made me do rope skipping. Know what happened?


Spread the Love

Do you know anyone who would benefit from this course to upgrade her business? And would you like to recommend Studio Sessions to that person? Then let me know in a DM or with a comment below and I will make you an affiliate / ambassador for Studio Sessions. What do you get in exchange for your recommendation if someone books the course with me? You get 10% of the total course amount, which is almost €400,-!


The one new year’s resolution you will ever need

A new year is coming. All of us are hopeful again. Making new year’s resolutions. And I am doing the same.

This year I’m wishing for a lot of things NOT to happening.


An interview with a client: meet Lieselot

Let me introduce you to my friend and coaching client Lieselot. Lieselot is the creative brain and mastermind behind her fine-art photography business LOT Photography.

Her business is doing AMAZING, and Lieselot was on the right track, but only really got things moving upwards when she started with the online coaching program Studio Sessions.

I thought I’d show you a real-life example of someone who’s going through the program. And what it has meant for them so far. So I interviewed Lieselot on her experience with Studio Sessions.


Meet the Guest Trainers: Monique Aipassa

“The less I do, the more I make” Can we learn from Einstein? Monique Aipassa explains the basic principle of T- F-A and gives you the “HPF method to MAGIC”.


Meet the Guest Trainers: Ingrid van Lith

In this guest training I will take you through 4 exercises to become more aware of what is holding you back to allow more money into your life.

You may recognize one of these statements.
💸 “Money is not the most important thing in life.”
💸 “Money does not make you happy.”
💸 “Money stinks.”
💸 “He is out of money.”
💸 “The money is not for the taking.”
💸 “There are people who have money and there are people who are rich.”
💸 “He who wants to be rich should not increase his wealth, but reduce his greed.”
💸 “Money causes unrest.”

In the training I will teach you what you need to transform these nasty thoughts into thoughts that will help you to look at money differently.


An interview with a client: Introducing Daisy Renders

Hi lady boss! Meet Daisy from As a business coach for photographers I can talk about my own business until I’m blue in the face, but I’d love to share the story of my coaching client Daisy. Daisy is a photographer specialized in funeral and memorial service photography. You can read more on her…


Coaches Coffee Edition #2



Introducing Guest Trainer Nickola Balsdon

Nickola is an online marketing expert, ex-publicist, business coach, newborn photographer, course creator of The ShootBaby Project and founder of three 6-figure businesses. Her entrepreneurial journey began 13 years ago.

She is also the founder of the Newborn Photographers Network South Africa – a closed Facebook group serving her local community of newborn photographers in a space where they all aspire to LEARN | TEACH | INSPIRE one another.

She is a mother of two small children who keep her on my toes and juggling daily – exactly why she believed scheduling and planning for your business is crucial for it’s success!

Nickola has traveled extensively and visited over 26 countries – living in the US for three years and the UK for eight.

Born in Zimbabwe, she immigrated to South Africa in 2004 and started her first PR, marketing and photography business. It was her difficult journey into motherhood that later inspired her career as a professional newborn photographer.

Nickola is dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs just like you, to grow your business using the right tools and marketing strategies, and to create a life you absolutely love!

With over 20 years of business and life experience as a female entrepreneur, it is her life’s passion to empower, inspire and teach other women the action steps to build out their own dream businesses, while making a real impact on the world.


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