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Yvonne van Dalen is a Photography Success Coach & Business strategist to independent photographers and Founder of the Photographers Coach Academy. It’s her mission to help photographers worldwide increase their income for a life with more freedom and flexibility.

By using her gut feeling as a compass Yvonne van Dalen has founded 3 different, successful businesses. With over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, she has a huge package of practical know-how.  Because Yvonne is a self-made #boss, a busy mom of two and a depression survivor, she knows exactly where you—a hardworking, ambitious photographer with a dream—are looking for in your life.  Whether it concerns entrepreneurial spirit, marketing techniques, productivity hacks or work-life balance: Yvonne sees opportunities and challenges instead of impossibilities!

On the Photographers Coach website and socials, Yvonne passionately and authentically shares her journey in life as a photographer and coach.  She wants to challenge everyone who knows her online (or in real life) to support each other, and thus inspire and elevate each other. Yvonne is the go-to person when it comes to marketing for photographers and creative business owners.


Yvonne has been featured in magazines and websites like Thrive Global, Brainz, Medium, Authority Mag, ImprovePhoto, Moeders Minimalisme and Sweat & Be Fit. She has been a guest on podcasts like The Entrepreneur Way, The Business of Photography and Kim De Graeve.

Yvonne van Dalen is a Photography Success Coach


Interview/Media Requests

Requests for radio, print, and podcast interviews, as well quote requests or related media inquiries, can be directed to:


Public Speaking and Workshops

Over the past years Yvonne has trained small and larger groups and given public workshops at events. She has experience in tailor-made workshops and custom trainings and she'd LOVE to speak and teach at your event. It's what makes her tick as a photography coach!


Yvonne is located in The Netherlands, but also travels abroad for public speaking engagements.


Contact us at Photographers Coach for more information about rates and availability at


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Press, Trainings and Publications

2021 Authority Magazine Feature

2021 Guest Blog for

2020 Brainz Global 500 Award

2020 The Business of Photography Podcast

2020 Fyouture Earth Charity Organization

2019 iBeeld Studio Avond Workshop Prijzen en Producten

2021 Masterclass Naverkoop en Upsells voor Fotografen

2021 MIB Personal Branding Photography Training

The 2021 Camera To Freedom Seminar

Verkopen? Hoe dan? Training for Konpoli 2021

2020 The Entrepreneur Way Podcast

2020 Launch Training for Segerius Bruce Coaching

2018 Konpoli Seminar Sales and Pricing Workshop

2021 Thrive Global Feature

2021 Brainz Magazine Article

2020 Thrive Global Guest Blog

2020 She Factory Guest Blog

2020 Medium Guest Blog

2019-now Photographers Coach TV on YouTube

Sweat and Be Fit Interview 2019

2014 Coiffure Awards Photographer


Given my exciting roles as a photographer, business mentor and mother of two, I aim to dedicate the time I have left for developing new educational material and writing my new book.

Accordingly, I’m a bit harder to reach than most authors. I don’t have a general purpose email address and I use social media purely for showcasing the work that I do.

(See Neal Stephenson’s essay, “Why I’m a Bad Correspondent”, for some more justifications regarding this minimalist approach.)

Below are the ways you can still reach me, along with some relevant instructions…

Interview/Media Requests

Requests for radio, print, and podcast interviews, as well quote requests or related media inquiries, can be directed to our Support Team using the following address:

Interesting Links

One of the things I love about blogging and writing is that my readers send me links to articles, books, interviews, etc., they think might interest me, given the topics I write about. This is where I find a lot of my best material. Please keep these coming to

Note: I really appreciate these pointers, but due to time constraints, I’m usually not able to respond.

Wanna connect with Yvonne as your speaker?

So, are you hosting an online event or a retreat on location? Do you need a guest speaker on your podcast or in your programme?

Are you looking for an experienced speaker that will help your photographers and students to make money with their art work?

Then you can hire Yvonne to speak about any topic Marketing for Photographers. She can treat topics like Personal Branding, Client Attraction and Lead Gen, Sales and Pricing, Selling, Automation, Marketing and Social Media, Mindset and Work-Life Balance. Pretty much anything photography business related is her cup of tea...

Please feel free to reach out by clicking the button below.

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