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Testimonial Amanda Koert
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Beeldzoeker Marc Vervoort testimonial on working with Yvonne van Dalen
Babet Trommelen Liefde moet je vieren testimonial Studio Sessions
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Testimonial Marielle van Hamont
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Testimonial Astrid Timmers

Daisy Renders

I also interviewed Daisy. You can read the interview here.


Daisy Renders van Hellemondt testimonial over Studio Sessions online groepscoachingprogramma
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Lieselot Booij testimonial on Photographers Coach and Studio Sessions
Danielle Mans-Schouten
Danielle Mans-Schouten
09:27 07 Apr 21
I followed the online coaching program Studio Sessions at Photographers Coach and I can only say that this is highly recommended. Yvonne is the place to be for... a strong foundation and a good earnings model!read more
Amanda Fotografie
Amanda Fotografie
13:04 27 Mar 21
Yvonne is a very nice coach with a lot of experience! She has given me a whole new mindset and my business has grown because of it! Thank you Yvonne! Hopefully... you can help many others make big strides!read more
Diane Kuiken
Diane Kuiken
09:45 01 Oct 20
When I first heard Yvonne speak, I was immediately captivated by the way she tackled the problems I faced as an entrepreneur for many years. We got in touch... and talked twice about what she could do for me as an entrepreneur. The click was there and I signed up for her coaching process. Over the past six months, I have learned a lot and radically changed my company. Without Yvonne I would never have dared to take those steps.read more
Sandra Stokmans
Sandra Stokmans
08:46 30 Sep 20
In recent months I have been coached 1-on-1 by Yvonne. I got to know her as an open, empathetic, direct, no-nonsense business coach, who really shares... everything. And with a passion to help you as an entrepreneur and make you better. She also visibly enjoys your successes. Really nice.When I chose Yvonne it was because I wanted someone with whom I could spar in the Dutch photography setting, who could help me to streamline a number of aspects in my company, and make it more efficient. And we absolutely succeeded! Her Studio Sessions program is very well put together, she has good guest trainers and is very active in the program herself.And now she even has an Academy! Her 1-on-1 coaching conversations are also efficient, to-the-point, no unnecessary fussing which is wonderful, and also when you have questions or feedback questions - which of course is always the case after such a conversation, because you also get do homework - then she is there for you.I could have continued with her for a while! Thank you so much, Yvonne!read more
Marieke Pijler
Marieke Pijler
07:18 30 Sep 20
Yvonne is truly the leading coach in the photographers market. She knows from her own experience exactly what it takes to build a business as a photographer,... and that is exactly where the profit can be made for many: they are good at their profession, but do not always receive the recognition and appreciation for it in the form of turnover and profit. Time for change, Yvonne thought. Because talent can be seen and deserves recognition for it. I am honored to work with Yvonne as a branding specialist within her program. To many more successful years to come, Yvonne.read more
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