Are You A One-Trick Pony?

How have you been holding up? How are things at home? Are you rocking the pajamas and home office look? Or are you more a structured kind of girl?

Talking about pajamas: as I was folding the laundry yesterday (what a glamorous email this is gonna be!), I looked at my daughter’s My Little Pony pajamas. And my first thought was how the characters were all so cute and different but still resonated with me. Each little pony has her own look and does what she does best. So I thought about which one would I be?

Would I be Princes Twilight Sparkle, founder and leader of the Friendship Council?

Or Fluttershysinger and animal caretaker?

Or Rarity, the odd one out, cute little Fashion Designer?

What about Pinkie Pie, the BakerCaterer and Party Organizer?

Rainbow Dash, Ponyville’s Weather Patrol?

No, I would definitely be Farmer and Honesty Teacher, Apple Jack! That is my kind a pony!


Have you been putting your true voice out there online? And does it speak to your Dream Client? (You know the one that’s paying you the top dollars to work on dream projects and gives you carte blanche?)

Have you been your own Unique My Little Pony? Remember: It’s almost impossible to run a business at full potential when the part of it that’s facing the customer doesn’t generate attention.


1. Check out how your “competitors” are doing their content and select a reference. Do you research. Pick the content that has the best reach/most likes/shares, etc. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Model the success. Take this as inspiration for your own piece of content.

2. Write your Tagline. Explain in one line the effect your product will have on me. Like “You will look stunning in my pictures!”, “I will capture your family like it really is!”. Be clear.

3. Say it on camera. Now just put your phone in front of you (in landscape!) and tell your message. The best performing content out there is video. Don’t try to be perfect, just be your perfect self. Start your video with the tagline you wrote down and share a story. A success story from a client, a behind the scenes anecdote, highlight a product. Just tell the why behind it. Don’t sell. Act like you’re just talking to a friend.

4. Edit your video, or not! You can use Adobe Premiere Pro, or iMovie, or just run the video as it is. You can also make it look really awesome if you want and create an appealing meme for Facebook and Instagram like this. Just do what works for you.

No matter what your goals are, they involve content. No matter if you’re an introvert or an extravert, people will resonate with that. Learn to master your unique voice and your own Ponyville People will find you.
XO, Yvonne

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