The Power of Funnels: Meet Our Guest Trainer Cheryl Oliver

Cheryl Oliver is a guest trainer in Studio Sessions and talks about The Power of Funnels

On Thursday 11 June 10AM (Amsterdam time) 2020, Cheryl Oliver will be giving you a guest training on “The Power of Funnels” in the online group coaching program Studio Sessions. 

How I met Cheryl?

We met through an amazing coaching group online from Chanelle Segerius Bruce, called Build Your Brand Online. And we just hit it off. Cheryl has so much knowledge on how to build well-converting funnels, that she just HAD to be in my group course. So, I’m very proud to announce here guest training that’s coming up. Because we all need funnels!

What will she be covering in her training:

 🙈 You’re looking to get consistent sales in your business

 💌 You’re don’t know how to grow your email list

 😭 You feel like you’re spending every waking moment working

Cheryl will be covering how to create an automated system that is going to help you attract people, nurture those relationships and convert that into sales.

She will talk about:

– What a sales funnel is

– Why you need one

– The goals of a funnel

– and the different types of funnels

Cheryl’s Story

She’s the girl to help you make loads more money while you sit back, feet up, with a glass of wine.

Before Cheryl started this business she was a web designer and digital marketer for a big corporate company. But once she had her daughter, she wanted more from her life. She didn’t want to be chained to a desk whether she had work to do or not. 

So she worked her butt off, set up all her own processes, tested every application out there and cursed…. A lot.

Now she’s a pro at what she does, so she can help you:

💰 Make way more money so that you can actually take a day off every now and then

😎 Work with clients you love because you’re attracting the right people with your offers

❤️ And love what you do again because it doesn’t feel like such slog anymore

And she can help you do all of that without the extra grey hairs.

Cheryl Oliver is a guest trainer in Studio Sessions and talks about The Power of Funnels

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