Finances for Creatives at Konpoli Seminar

Photographers Coach public speaking about Finances for Creatives at the Konpoli Seminar 2018

Konpoli Seminar 2018

What a wonderful public speaking event I was invited to a few weeks ago: The 2018 Konpoli Seminar, celebrating the 40th Greek Konpoli anniversary and 5th Dutch Konpoli Nederland anniversary. The company led by the charismatic Greek Joseph and Vaso Konpoli and the two Dutch dedicated business women, Annelies Bosch and Celica Verbon, organized a party for 200 professional photographers from Belgium and The Netherlands at the Carlton President Hotel in Utrecht on December 14th, 2018.

Besides a wonderful product presentation of all of Konpoli’s high-end photography products like handmade albums, matted print boxes and fine-art prints, the event also offered all visitors 4 different presentations featuring a range of topics from the field of photography.

Finances for Creatives talked about how to determine your rates and packages

Finances for Creatives

I had the honor to open the speaking event with my Budget 101 workshop, “Finances for Creatives”, talking about how to determine your rates and packages as a photographer. I was followed by Isabelle Hattink from Fotobelle who talked about finding your own voice as a photographer. After a short break with refreshments (there even was a candy wall and fresh orange juice!) the program continued with Jessica van Duren from Jessica Photography who talked about Your Business Image on Instagram and Micky Hoogendijk who took us on an inspiring journey about Thinking Out of the Box. After the presentations Jospeph gave us an inspiring speech and a look inside the Greek side of the product manufacturing and then opened the party! Sirtaki and music! We all got to take a gorgeous handmade bottle of Greek olive oil and some good memories home with us. The seminar was an event that offered photographers the chance to brainstorm, educate, reflect and connect. What a treasure!

Lots of notes were taken and questions were asked. It was so much fun!

Hobby vs. Enterprise?

My workshop talked about everyone’s ‘favorite’ topic: finances. Who doesn’t LOVE to do their bookkeeping? Keeping track of their budget? Setting up a well thought-out budget? No? I can see you shake your head. We photographers all LOVE the creative part of the business, but without a clear strategy, doing business doesn’t end well and stays in the realms of a hobby instead of running a business.

Well, the audience was no different when it came to doing the numbers. Not their favorite topic AT ALL. As my questions were answered by a show of hands, it turned out that over 85% of the audience still had no clue on how to exactly determine their rates and packages or how to stay on track of their business turnover. They still looked at other photographers and what they charge and then randomly put a price on their own services.

More than 75% raised their hands when I asked if they worked as a fulltime photographer or still had a parttime job on the side to have a steady income. They also wanted to make the switch to being a fulltime photographer but had no idea within what timeframe that would be possible and how the right budget could help them out doing so.

The workshop Finances for Creatives explains the basics of a good business budget.

Sales increase by a tenfold

That’s where my workshop came in. I talked about where I came from as a mother with a camera, struggling to make end meet in my business, while still keeping all balls up in the air when it came to handling home, work and my health. Finding a good balance was a tough order with burn-out symptoms and loads of mom guilt as a result! But once I introduced a business make-over, implemented a sales system and upped my customer service, my sales went up by a tenfold. My working hours went down from 60-90 hours a week to 20 hours a week, and I got back my free time.

I love workshops with a good level of participation from the audience.

Do the math and start making money

I elaborated further on how to determine the exact target to make per client and how the right product range and setting up a clear set of collections / packages can help you be the professional that gives your customer the right advice, how packages/products can help your customer choose the right product that fits them, while getting the best value.

I closed the event by answering loads of questions from the audience and afterwards I spoke with a lot of photographers and what they struggle with in their business. It is clear that doing business and making a living out of it can be tough, especially without a clear focus on your brand, your systems and your marketing strategy.

Afterwards Annelies gave me this delicious Dutch Xmas Cake. Thank you!

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PS: Als er voldoende aanmeldingen zijn in het Nederlands, dan zal de cursus ook volledig in het Nederlands worden aangeboden.

Photography by: Marit Anker

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