Today's Topic Points

  • My first interview for the Business of Photography Podcast (and an amazing free offer!)
  • A tool to ditch your doubts on what to charge per photoshoot / photo session
  • My Coaching Love Child Is Born: The Photographers Coach Academy!

I Got Really Nervous Today!

In this video (FB live recording) I'm talking about something that made me REALLY nervous! Wanna know what? I'll give you a hint: it has to do with the Business of Photography by Bryan Caporicci from Sprout Studio (Sprout Studio is a Studio management suite built for photographers by photographers and basically THE all-in-one solution for all your business maganagement).

Drop The Pricing Dilemma Forever!

Also I'm talking about a nifty tool I put out for photographers who want to calculate EXACTLY their rates for their photo sessions. The Photographers Coach Finance Planner that you can buy now for €59,- only! Check it out here:

The Community For Photographers

Furthermore I'm talking about my new love child, The Photographers Coach Academy Membership Site! So, are you looking to grow and connect with photographers like you? Get trained by the professionals in the field of branding, marketing, mindset, productivity, SEO, etc.? Then you can sign up!

Early Bird Special!

Doors open on the 1st of June 2020 but you can preregister now! EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: If you sign up before the end of this week (that is before May 11th Midnight), you will get a FREE 90-minute 1-on-1 coaching session with me to map out your business transformation (valued at €197).

Photographers Coach Academy Opens Its Doors, and it's for photographers only. You can sign up now for only €57 a month or €570 a year. And that yearly subscription will give you two months of membership for FREE. You will find the Photographers Coach Academy sign-up page here:

Hope you liked this video and invite you to share it. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel (LINK BELOW) to keep up with all the latest videos.

xo Yvonne

"I’m Yvonne van Dalen Photographers Coach - Business strategist to independent female photographers and Founder of the Photographers Coach Academy. It’s my mission to help female photographers increase their income for a life with more freedom and flexibility while staying true to their authentic self."

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Photographers Coach Academy on Teachable:

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Free 5-day video training with worksheets | Flip The Script:

Photographers Coach: Thrive in Photography and Life

Breaking All Business Growth Barriers

Jessi Risley is an NLP practitioner, relationship coach, author, public speaker and entrepreneur.  
From overwhelmed entrepreneur to passionate coach; Jessi knows how you feel. She took control of her life by implementing self-transformation and has made it her mission to teach others the art of self-healing.
Jessi teaches NLP techniques to transform the mindset: releasing limiting beliefs, past traumas and reprogramming your mind for your desired future. As an expert in Reprogramming, she teaches clients how EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) relieves anxiety and stress, replenishes confidence and helps them realign with their goals.

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The Power of Funnels: Meet Our Guest Trainer Cheryl Oliver

Cheryl will be covering how to create an automated system that is going to help you attract people, nurture those relationships and convert that into sales.

She will talk about:
– What a sales funnel is
– Why you need one
– The goals of a funnel
– and the different types of funnels

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Thursday Tune-Up: My Coaching Love Child Is Born!

In this video (FB live recording) I’m talking about something that made me REALLY nervous! Wanna know what? I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with the Business of Photography by Bryan Caporicci from Sprout Studio (Sprout Studio is a Studio management suite built for photographers by photographers and basically THE all-in-one solution for all your business maganagement).

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The Business Of Photography Podcast

Check out my latest podcast interview and free 5-day video training giveaway (!) on the “Business of Photography Podcast” with Bryan Caporicci CEO and Founder at Sprout Studio.

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Tackle Your Imposter Syndrome In Your Business

We all have our good and bad days, but being your own boss can really be challenging as you don’t have a manager to point the finger at when things get tough. You have to be able to face all demons that come up, all insecurities that come along the way, so you don’t stay stuck but move your business forward. One of the main things that come up when growing your business is the Imposter Syndrome. Feeling like a fraud, a fake, ready to be “caught” at any time. But there’s a cure. In this blog I’m going to help you with tips on how to battle this Gremlin of a feeling and show you how you can embrace it to help yourself and your business thrive even more.

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Move Through Overwhelm and Develop a Growth Mindset

Dealing with overwhelm? Need to develop a growth mindset? Remember that you feeling overwhelmed isn’t a focus issue, this is a commitment issue. This is a fear issue, and unless you push past this now it’s gonna keep coming up and keep coming up. And it keeps you from being successful because if fear is stopping you from investing in something that is going to change your success/your life/your business, that same fear is gonna rear its ugly head when you get tangled up in other challenges that come with being an entrepreneur. You’re not gonna get through them, because you’re not developing a habit of pushing through fear and committing on another level.

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Are You A One-Trick Pony?

How have you been holding up? How are things at home? Are you rocking the pajamas and home office look? Or are you more a structured kind of girl?Talking about pajamas: as I was folding the laundry yesterday (what a glamorous email this is gonna be!), I looked at my daughter’s My Little Pony pajamas.…

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How does business make you feel?

Challenging time aside, how do you generally feel when doing business? Are you totally and utterly in love with it? Or do you love or hate certain aspects of it? Are you stressed, happy, anxious, worried? What’s really going on in that brain of yours?

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Studio Sandwiches: free 30-day business challenge

🎖Did you temporarily have to close your studio? Are you ready to make the most of this challenging time? Put on your Superwoman Power Suit and Join my Challenge Today! 🎖

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Fun facts: about Yvonne

We can all get so official on our websites, social media. Putting out content that we “think” must be put out there, and we most definitely are right most of the times. Because we think about what content will help our clients with their desires, needs, problems.

But when did we forget to have fun and just be ourselves, without overcomplicating things?

So, that’s why I thought I’d come up with an article that’s just filled with fun facts about me, Yvonne, the face behind Photographers Coach. Maybe you would like to get to know me better?

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