Learn to take scroll-stopping photos of what you make so you can attract your dream clients and never be stuck for beautiful images again

PHOTO PROUD is for florists and wedding industry pros, calligraphers, potters, designers, milliners, bakers, architects, interior designers, jewellers, knitters and more.

Join Ria Mishaal for an 8 week program with live group coaching and pre-recorded video content so you can work through at your own rate with all the support you need.

Imagine if you could capture what you make in your workshop on a daily basis? Or if on the day of a wedding, installation or fair you had your own beautiful images to post on your feed and to show potential clients at your next consultation? 


You are a creative entrepreneur or wedding industry pro. You worked hard last year, but you haven’t been able to take many good photos of your work because you don’t really know what to do with your camera.

You know that having beautiful images in your portfolio is key to attracting your dream clients, and that poor images are working to the detriment of the reputation you are longing to build.

Now we are in a new decade and you are so ready to take your business to the next level. You would love to take control of your imagery and learn to take beautiful images for yourself, but you're nervous and a little overwhelmed at the idea of learning how.

Join Ria Mishaal as she leads a small group of creatives just like you to take images they are really proud of.

How it works

This is your opportunity to come and work with a photographer who has 12 years professional experience and is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, have your images personally critiqued and ask any questions.

Through this programme, you’ll not only know how to use your camera in manual mode but you’ll have a firm idea of your style and visual identity and know-how to create it. You will have Ria's personal attention to help you up your photography game.

  • The course is designed in six modules to be done over 8 weeks. Note though that the teaching classes are pre-recorded and you get full and continued access to all materials even after the live component of the course is completed, so you can learn at your own pace, whether that be fast or slow.
  • The LIVE component of the course comprises Q&A group calls with Ria every week from the week commencing 11th March for 8 weeks. You will be invited on these calls to ask any questions you have
  • Every module has extensive material in the form of written pdfs and videos. There are 5 bonus modules covering relevant topics to expand your growth
  • The material is broken in to bite sized pieces for easy learning and reference. The course contains 58 videos and 43 files.
  • Each module has several short exercises so you can immediately put into practice what you are learning and ask questions if you need to
  • A private and dedicated Facebook group for course participants where you are invited to share your progress and images for comment and growth. You can ask any questions (no matter how big or small) within the group and Ria will be on there regularly, so you will have your questions answered by her as well as having input from your peers. You get continued access to this group even after the 8 weeks have passed

Read more about the Photo Proud Course here: Photo Proud by Ria Mishaal.

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