Why Meditation Grows Your Business

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In a fast paced world where there is barely time to think, let alone become one with the deepest parts of yourself, we attempt to thrive on the processes of who we are conditioned to be.

Until we begin to see the potential for who we decide to become, we are bound by limitations and beliefs that hinder our growth.

As an entrepreneur, this has the potential to have detrimental effects on our success. And, as each person has their own story, many of which has shaped who we have become as adults, it’s easy to see how our limitations mold us to stay safe, instead of evolving into the developed, creative and passionate individuals we are.

As Jessi Risley from Jessi Risley Coaching explains regarding her new Entrepreneur’s Meditation Mastery course, a developed understanding of how meditation eases the process of generational healing for business success, that meditation isn’t only about learning to live peacefully and become more mindful, yet creating a reality that you desire.

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Hi Jessi, thank you so much for doing this interview with me. Can you explain to the reader how meditation benefits entrepreneurs specifically?

Thanks so much for having me, Yvonne. Sure! For anyone learning how to meditate, the intent is to learn how to let go of aspects of ourselves that limit our potential, to do generational healing, to clear our minds of the noise of life and allow ourselves time and space to just be. For entrepreneurs, we risk having those limits carrying over into the success that we strive for. When an entrepreneur embraces meditation, its benefits and techniques to reduce anxiety and improve everyday life, we allow ourselves the space to create a new normal, which shows us how easy growth can be in business and personal life.

You talk about generational healing. Can you explain how this is done?

Generational pain is psychological effects of trauma transferred from one generation to another. Every person has a story of their own. For many, the trauma or pain isn’t theirs to carry, yet it becomes the family dynamic of how things are done; even when the person understands that it isn’t wholesome behavior or beneficial to their life. 

With meditation, we begin to give space to creating a new normal, a more peaceful existence and understanding how to release energy that doesn’t benefit us. Along with meditation, forgiveness is a vital part of healing, an important key to living a more meaningful, abundant life.

Entrepreneurs are unique people who see potential in life when others may not. That being said, entrepreneurs grow significantly by releasing any energetic flow that does not benefit their current life.

To heal we must release. To release we must forgive, and to forgive we must acknowledge.

What is the biggest misconception about meditation that you see in entrepreneurs?

Interesting question! Many people believe that one simple change will be the cure-all for their problems, entrepreneurs included. What they don’t want to admit is that, like anything new and worth accomplishing, practice is imperative and the process never ends. One may think that learning the keys to meditation are simple, implementing is simple and becoming mindful is an easy task, when in reality meditation is a skill learned to change your present and future. The techniques that you take with you and make your own by what feels natural while implementing the basis of understanding. Entrepreneurs, for instance, have many tasks needing to be complete on a daily basis in areas that others may not recognize. With all that fills our minds and can easily bring anxiety into our lives, having an outlet to release creates peace in our minds, allowing us to clear our thoughts and process easier.

Can you name one part of your course that we don’t already know?

In the course, I talk about creating a daily routine. A useful tool to create balance throughout your day to ensure ample time to accomplish your daily goals.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely if you work alone. Building quality relationships with like-minded people helps relieve loneliness. A daily routine can be used to your advantage to schedule time for outings with friends and family, walks in nature, self-care or any other “change of scenery” in your day. Get out! Make time for yourself that doesn’t involve business. 

As much as I believe in being obsessed with your business, I also believe in balancing life and work; having a routine gives you that advantage.

If you could give something to the person reading this, what would it be?

Peace. Peace of mind to understand that they are capable of more than they can imagine.Peace in knowing that they don’t have to control all aspects of life or be controlled by fear of failure when beginning their entrepreneurial journey.

Peace in acknowledging that they are powerful beings that have the capacity to create beautiful things for others with their gifts.

Peace in their heart when they begin to see the limits that held them back from accomplishing greatness has faded and they believe in themselves more and more with each breath.

How does someone accomplish greatness with meditation?

Meditation is a tool that is used to clear the beliefs that we carry with us; the beliefs that hold no significance to our reality. Our thoughts create our reality, and if you want true peace, to attract abundance in all forms and to feel comfortable knowing that you have the skills and techniques to change what you perceived to be your reality into what you truly desire, meditation can do all of these things! Meditation is a tool. It’s the responsibility of the person to believe in the power of their mind to bring substance into new, pure thoughts. Growth doesn’t happen to you, you have to learn the skills and train your mind to see life through a different lens. 

Why do you encourage others to meditate? What has meditation done for you personally?

I love this question! I’m passionate about meditation for so many reasons. Firstly, when I was first introduced to meditation I was at a point in my life of near breakdown. My marriage was deteriorating, my business was failing and I felt like I was living in someone else’s life, that this wasn’t who I was or who I was ever meant to be. I felt desperate. 

I didn’t talk to anyone about how I felt because I didn’t think anyone would understand, and I didn’t want to feel judgement from others. 

After living this way for 2 years, I couldn’t take it any longer. I began researching my feelings, my thoughts. I began analyzing why I felt this way, even when I knew it wasn’t good for me. 

I knew I needed to do something transforming and natural. I started to seek out how other people had found hope after feeling so lost. I began to realize that I could do it too. 

I was scared of making a big investment into myself, emotionally and financially. I taught myself how to meditate, how to use crystals to benefit my meditations & life. I taught myself about chakras and living peacefully. I taught myself how to acknowledge my feelings and release those that don’t serve me. 

Ultimately, I made it my mission that if I can heal myself, I would help others do the same.

As I’ve grown and learned, I have gained more knowledge and appreciation for who I am, not who I thought I had to be. And this is such an important aspect of growth that each of us need to understand. I began to listen to my heart and body, and give my ego a break. 

When I fully understood that our thoughts create our reality, I became more aware of what passed through my mind. I started to see the unhealthy patterns and was able to transmute them into peaceful, high energy thoughts that would attract the life I desired, instead of the opposite.

How did these changes affect your business success?

Massively! Upon deciding to evolve, my life began to transform in all areas - from relationships with others and myself, which affected my business momentum. In my relationship with money, which is a game changer for anyone seeking financial freedom. In my mental state, the way I set intentions for myself and business. The boundaries I placed for what I would accept and what I wouldn’t. Everything started to feel easier, more free flowing.

I believe that, in all actuality, what everyone seeks is freedom - emotional, mental, spiritual, financial. 

Once we decide to take the first step toward evolving into our greatest self, we allow miracles to happen, but none of it will be, or feel, like the natural flow it’s meant to unless we surrender control, take inspired action and allow the Universe (or whomever it is for you) to bring your vision to life!

How difficult is meditation for someone who has never done it?

Like anything, it’s all in what you make of it. If you are someone who is intimidated by trying new things and afraid that you won’t be able to sit quietly, then you’re already putting barriers around the idea of allowing it to work. Breathe! Give yourself permission to meditate with no expectations, no judgement.

At first, you may experience wandering thoughts, thinking of your to-do lists and errands - that’s okay! Don’t be hard on yourself. For some (I didn’t “get it” right away), it takes practice. Create a safe space that you can be alone in quiet with no distractions and just be. As you progress, you’ll notice the need to control the process decreases and allowing your mind to release becomes more natural.

Thanks so much for doing this interview with Photographers Coach, Jessi. It was very helpful and it explains so much about the benefits of meditation.


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