Jessi Robbins Risley NLP practitioner and Relationship Coach

Jessi Risley is an NLP practitioner, relationship coach, author, public speaker and entrepreneur.  
From overwhelmed entrepreneur to passionate coach; Jessi knows how you feel. She took control of her life by implementing self-transformation and has made it her mission to teach others the art of self-healing.
Jessi teaches NLP techniques to transform the mindset: releasing limiting beliefs, past traumas and reprogramming your mind for your desired future. As an expert in Reprogramming, she teaches clients how EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) relieves anxiety and stress, replenishes confidence and helps them realign with their goals.

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What does imposter syndrome feel like?

We all have our good and bad days, but being your own boss can really be challenging as you don’t have a manager to point the finger at when things get tough. You have to be able to face all demons that come up, all insecurities that come along the way, so you don’t stay stuck but move your business forward. One of the main things that come up when growing your business is the Imposter Syndrome. Feeling like a fraud, a fake, ready to be “caught” at any time. But there’s a cure. In this blog I’m going to help you with tips on how to battle this Gremlin of a feeling and show you how you can embrace it to help yourself and your business thrive even more.

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Challenging time aside, how do you generally feel when doing business? Are you totally and utterly in love with it? Or do you love or hate certain aspects of it? Are you stressed, happy, anxious, worried? What’s really going on in that brain of yours?

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Dear Photographer,

I am ashamed of you. And I’m angry. Let me tell you why.

My name is Yvonne van Dalen and I’m a newborn and family photographer from the Netherlands. I have currently closed my studio due to the measures around the Corona Virus. Things have been a bit surrealistic here, as it has been absolutely quiet for the first time in my career. Shoots have been postponed, meetings are held online and every inquiry has been put on a waiting list. This feels like something out of a movie. But it’s reality.

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In this online masterclass you will focus on your time and your life as a woman in business. In addition to your professional knowledge and passion, you need more to make your business a success. Your own definition of success of course. It’s about mindset, becoming the boss you need.

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A client of mine said to me last week: Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you’re not perfect! Well, sure. Why would I be?

Are you perfect? I’m not! Thank God! Being perfect or striving to best sounds really exhausting and so surreal.

I have learned a long time ago to embrace my imperfections and just go ahead living.

Just this week I had a rather imperfect moment at the gym when my personal trainer made me do rope skipping. Know what happened?

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In this guest training I will take you through 4 exercises to become more aware of what is holding you back to allow more money into your life.

You may recognize one of these statements.
💸 “Money is not the most important thing in life.”
💸 “Money does not make you happy.”
💸 “Money stinks.”
💸 “He is out of money.”
💸 “The money is not for the taking.”
💸 “There are people who have money and there are people who are rich.”
💸 “He who wants to be rich should not increase his wealth, but reduce his greed.”
💸 “Money causes unrest.”

In the training I will teach you what you need to transform these nasty thoughts into thoughts that will help you to look at money differently.

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One of my biggest powers is to create big dreams and draw them out in my head. I literally allow my self to dream BIG each day and then I write those dreams down or I create vision boards that I take a look at daily.

Did you know that this system has scientific proof to back up the results? It’s called Reticular Activating System. Whatever you put in front of your eyes each day will help your brain think it’s a reality and therefore this helps with reaching your goals.

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