Danielle Garber is the founder of Be More You branding and marketing

Danielle Garber is the founder of Be More You branding and marketing. She is a brand and content marketer who spent 16 years, working with some of the UK’s best-known brands including Apple, Amazon, John Lewis, B&Q, Barratt Homes & PC World. 

She’s worked with six-figure marketing budgets, agencies and large teams but has also worked with TINY budgets and a marketing department of ONE. Working with her husband’s Financial Services business she took their monthly web traffic from 400 to 17,000 visits a month – in under 12 months.

Danielle knows how to create successful brands and content that stands out from the crowd and believes that the key to that success is sharing more of what makes your business unique – you! Be More You was created to help passionate small businesses stand out from the crowd, increase their impact and charge their worth. 

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why I am unavailable photographers coach helping you streamline your business and increase your income

After the recent Summer break, I have been pretty much offline for my businesses. My photography studio is booming with more leads than I can handle, and I have plenty of work to do. The same goes for my coaching business where a lot of great opportunities are coming up this Autumn. But somehow I…

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Photographers Coach offers techniques for time management for those who feel their days slip by them without getting things done

So, answer honestly. Don’t hesitate. Just write the answer down. How productive have you been in the last 30 minutes? Were you surfing the net? Checking your phone for Instagram posts, or watching Instagram Stories with updates on people’s pets and kids and the last meal they shared online? And then? You quickly opened your…

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