The 6 biggest reasons why photography businesses fail

When you start out as a photographer you are filled with excitement and enthusiasm, because you can FINALLY start doing the work you LOVE and make clients HAPPY! Right? Well, that is an aspect of the business that is true. And that’s why I started my own photography business over 10 years ago. But running…

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In this video (FB live recording) I’m talking about something that made me REALLY nervous! Wanna know what? I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with the Business of Photography by Bryan Caporicci from Sprout Studio (Sprout Studio is a Studio management suite built for photographers by photographers and basically THE all-in-one solution for all your business maganagement).

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Group Leads turn fb group members into paying customers and grow list

Convert New Facebook Group Members into Leads & Paying Customers (without Wasting Your Time & Money)
– Zapier Is Not Required
– Money-Back Guarantee
– Saves Time & Money
– Unlimited FB Groups
– Automate Lead Collection and Information Storage in Worksheet
– Say Goodbye To Expensive VAs
– Custom Welcome Message in inbox
– Custom Tags in Welcome Group Message

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Dear Photographer,

I am ashamed of you. And I’m angry. Let me tell you why.

My name is Yvonne van Dalen and I’m a newborn and family photographer from the Netherlands. I have currently closed my studio due to the measures around the Corona Virus. Things have been a bit surrealistic here, as it has been absolutely quiet for the first time in my career. Shoots have been postponed, meetings are held online and every inquiry has been put on a waiting list. This feels like something out of a movie. But it’s reality.

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fall seven times stand up eight photographers coach about defeat and how you handle it

Ever heard of the saying “Fall seven times, stand up eight”? It’s one of my favorite quotes as it says what life is all about. No matter how many times you get knocked down, it’s more important that you get back up again that really matters. I’ve gone through all the obstacles of running my…

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