How does business make you feel?

Challenging time aside, how do you generally feel when doing business? Are you totally and utterly in love with it? Or do you love or hate certain aspects of it? Are you stressed, happy, anxious, worried? What's really going on in that brain of yours?

Let's be honest. When you first started out with your own photography business you thought you'd get to be the creative all the time. Making gorgeous pics that would make people happy! Photoshop til you drop! Yay!

20% pictures 80% business

But then reality kicked in: taking pictures is only a very small part of the fun creative biz that you had in mind. As a small business owner you wear a various range of hats. You're your own CEO, marketing manager, sales rep, customer relations manager, social media content creator, bookkeeper, and many many more tasks get to land on your desk every day of the week.

How does that make you feel?

When taking on all these tasks, you can easily get overwhelmed. So tell me, how do you FEEL? Are you feeling in control? Are you just going with the flow? Do you have set office hours, a day structure, a yearly plan? How do you FEEL when talking to clients over the phone, explaining them your rates? Are you confident doing in-person sales? Or do you feel sales-y? Do you have overview of what comes in and what goes out financially? Do you smile when you think of all the tasks at hand? Or does your heart cringe?

Image: Alexandra Gorn


A lot of small business owners and photographers, experience fear when they think of all the moving parts in their business. A sense of overwhelm. Now without any structure or strategy that is normal. But how do you handle fear?

Some people say FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appears Real. Meaning that you put a lot of meaning into ideas that are wrong. That your brain is playing tricks on you. So you could say that you have to change the ideas in your head, avoid fear, try to stay away from fear.

Hell no!

That's where I disagree! Fear is the best instrument, the best feedback tool for tracking your own personal and business growth. Without fear we stay in our comfort zone. We stay safe. But that has never helped anyone set up a successful business, has it?

I see FEAR as "Fuck Everything And Run!". You HAVE to embrace your fear. Don't try to talk yourself out of trying new things, because your feeling of failing will always win. Trying on a new business challenge? Just train yourself to step outside of the fear and do it anyway!

How do I deal with fear?

  1. Make sure you focus on what you know is CERTAIN. And make that grow. By focussing on the negatives, these negatives will grow. Instead by concentrating on all that's good, that will grow. I know which option I prefer!
  2. Develop the habit of courage. As Tony Robbins says: "Fear is a habit." But so is courage. I keep saying it over and over again. Just. Take. Action. You can't think your way out of fear. Instead develop courage and action as a daily habit. I take cold showers every day. I don't like them, but they help me with moving through my fear, training my brain that I can do anything I set my intentions to. Plus, it's very beneficial for my health.
  3. Be present in the moment. Be conscious. Move through any fear. You will see that those fears aren't as momentous as you initially thought they were. By taking action you will take small steps towards a bigger goal each day, thus taking the fear of failing away bit by bit.

Everyone is afraid. I know I am. But I face my fears head on and move forward. With a plan, a purpose, a business strategy.

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That's it for now. I wish an awesome day! XO Yvonne.