The online group coaching program, Studio Sessions, has several guest trainers to help you get on the right track during your business transformation. One of the trainers is Ingrid van Lith.

I want to use this blog to introduce her and let her talk about the topic of her guest training.

Business Facilitator at RMRKBL

Ingrid van Lith is Business and Wealth Coach at RMRKBL - The Online Academy for more happiness in your life and your business.


Ingrid is an internationally certified NLP Trainer, 2nd grade practitioner in Usui Reiki and graduated in Communication Management and Nima Marketing B.


With over 20 years of experience in marketing, she's an expert in neuromarketing and online customer behavior. She has discovered a SIMPLE strategy to create a happy and abundant life. She quit her well-paid job as a marketing manager and became an entrepreneur.

Create more happiness in your life & your business

Ingrid van Lith from RMRKBL is guest trainer on Studio Sessions

Her mission is to make everyone more aware of their own super powers, responsibilities and developments on their life path.

She offers new perspective, enlightening insights and handles, through which you can make more direct conscious choices for now and in the future.

So that you can create more happiness in your life & your business.

About Ingrid's Guest Training

What will our guest trainer Ingrid van Lith go over in her training?

Ingrid can explain that best herself:

"I hope you're ready to let go of scarcity and start thinking in abundance. So you can earn more income with your business.

In this guest training I'll take you through 4 exercises to become more aware of what's holding you back to allow more money into your life.

You may recognize one of these statements.

💸 "Money is not the most important thing in life."
💸 "Money does not make you happy."
💸 "Money stinks."
💸 "He is out of money."
💸 "The money is not for the taking."
💸 "There are people who have money and there are people who are rich."
💸 "He who wants to be rich should not increase his wealth, but reduce his greed."
💸 "Money causes restlessness."

In the training I'll teach you what you need to transform these nasty thoughts into thoughts that will help you to look at money differently.

I hope to see you in the training and I wish you a magical day.


Everything in your life will come to you with ease and in abundance.

Just be ReMaRKaBLe!


Love Ingrid van Lith 😘 "


P.S. Ingrid is organizing a Make A Change Challenge starting 28 October. And you can still join! (The training is in Dutch.)

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