One Year Plantbased: What Happened?

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Last year I chose health over hurry

Last year in May, something clicked in my mind. I was unhealthy, tired, had lots of acne, migraines, bloating. Just an overall feeling of unease and I had enough.

So I made a big decision and decided to fuel my body with plantbased foods only. Some of my friends had had great results and I just wanted to try it for myself. After years of dieting I'd had enough of all the fad diets, short-term solutions and wanted to fix what was structurally wrong with my habits. So, what happened? Let me tell you.

Back to Basics

I cut out meat, fish, dairy and all animal products. I changed my way of eating, instead of implementing yet another diet.

Then I quickly felt my body changing. Within 2 weeks my skin cleared up, my energy levels went through the roof and my overall mood improved.

I had more energy to go out and walk. First 7,000 steps a day, then 10,000 steps. And in July I picked up a running podcast to help me train for a 5k run.

Eating became more about taste, taking time, enjoying real flavors. Not about having a quick blood sugar level fix, or just putting food in my mouth without thinking.

When I cut out coffee and alcohol, my energy changed to a level I have never experienced before!

Drop it!

Besides the clearer skin and the increased energy, I started sleeping like a baby and loosing weight rapidly. I mean, where I used to cling to all kinds of diets in order to get my weight down (and yo-yo my weight right back up again afterwards), I now didn't have to count calories or do anything else. I just ate whenever I was hungry and that meant usually 3 FULL plates of food a day.

And guess what? I let go of the calory counting and just started listening to my body. My stomach in particular. And my body started to relax, restore and get fit. It also demanded less sugar, less salt and less fat. My appetite changed from extreme hunger and bloog sugar lows to a regular, more natural way of signaling when it needed food. And that has never been the case my entire life. The result? I dropped 49 pounds (22,5 kg) in just under 10 months!!!

Yvonne on the left in april 106 kg in the middle 94 kg in summer and 86 in september photographers coach
Switching to a plantbased diet changed my life. I dropped 49 lbs in under 10 months without counting calories.

Dream Life & Dream Goals

Ok, I don't want to sound corny, but once my body started getting fitter, my dream life started to take shape. With each step, each time I put on my running gear, each time I cooked a healthy meal, each time I did exercises, I just saw and felt my body getting stronger, and my dream goals became more tangible.

I signed up for a Poland expedition with the Wim Hof Experience and climbed the highest mountain in Poland in my shorts and top in the snow! I was the only woman to reach the top of mount Snezka that week and it felt pretty mindblowing and amazing!

Where I couldn't run for half a mile last Spring, I now run 10-15k runs on weekends and I'm training for half a marathon. My body's getting more toned and fit each day.

My focus in my private and business life are where they should be and my overall take on life is way more positive than last year. I am way more productive, attract more dream projects and clients and LOVE each day of my life at work AND at home.

What a gift! I never knew going fully plantbased would improve my life quality so much! I look forward to the future and what living a plantbased life will further bring me.

Furthermore, I have become aware of the fact of how I live my life impacts our planet Earth and I know by going vegan/plantbased that I have decreased my carbon footprint with major steps. In the meantime my family also eats a 95% plantbased diet, so I'm pretty proud of them too.

Me on top of mount Snezka in Poland in my shorts and top during a Wim Hof Expedition
Me on top of mount Snezka in Poland in my shorts and top during a Wim Hof Expedition in February 2019.

Bye bye diet, hello happy life!

In conclusion? I can vouch for eating plantbased. Why?

  • It gives your body clean fuel
  • It increases your energy levels
  • It decreases cravings and overeating
  • It cleans up your skin and makes your hair and nails stronger
  • It improves your digestion and stool
  • It regulates your sleep time and awake time
  • It helps you get fit and reach a healthy weight
  • It lets you eat whatever you want whenever you want without counting calories
  • It eliminates mind fog
  • It gives you focus and mental clarity
  • It is better for our planet
  • It's a win-win, pretty much!

I hope this may inspire you in your life. If you feel low on energy or keep breaking your New Year's Resolutions on getting healthier and fitter. If you need more power and focus to get your work done. If you want to improve your sleep, your personal time and your overall look on life. All it takes is one step at a time. Just start small and change your daily habits in order to succeed in the long run.

If you need any information, please give me a call or email me. You can also follow my personal journey towards a fitter and healthier, plantbased life: check out my Millionaire Mother account on Instagram. There I share my adventure, my weight-loss progress, my workouts and my food/recipes.

Just make self-care a priority in your life. Be kind to your body, so you can have a healthy mind and life. This will impact your way of doing business immensely.

Thanks for reading! Love to see you next time.

xo Yvonne

April 2019. One year after going plantbased and I feel amazing.
April 2019. One year after going plantbased and I feel amazing.
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