Studio Sessions The Online Coaching Program

Transform Your Creative Business

and Grow Your Income

Studio Sessions The Online Coaching Program

Transform Your Creative Business

and Grow Your Income

Online coaching program for creatives and photographers who want to WORK LESS and EARN MORE for an optimal work-life combination with FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY.

You work too many hours IN your own business, not AT your own business

and you're ready for more time,
more focus and more income.

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6-month online group coaching program with worksheets, video modules, live group coaching calls, guest trainers, masterclasses, templates, facebook support group and weekly accountability check-ups

Prices displayed are ex VAT.

  • Pay in one go
3x €1100
  • 3 Monthly Payments
6x €600
  • 6 Monthly Payments



VIP Track

Includes three 60-min private coaching calls with Yvonne.

PLUS Voxer access (Mon-Fri) for direct messages with Yvonne to support you as you go through the program!

Prices displayed are ex VAT.

  • Pay in one go
4x €1100
  • 4 Monthly Payments



The ideal picture of being self-employed and being an artist:  Creating gorgeous art that make your customer happy and be that free creative spirit.

What a dream!

But the reality kicks in once you see how many hours you put in and how little you're left with below the bottom line. You're not enjoying your free time, you're always thinking of the business and your to-do list, and feel you're always two steps behind with everything. You lack the proper marketing and business skills and keep stumbling on making big plans happen. The idealistic approach of the artist’s life is wearing you down and you need a solution fast before you're headed towards a burn-out.

Nobody is made to work

60-80+ hours a week

  • You need time with your loved ones

  • Time for yourself to unwind and recharge

  • You need to reach your goals for financial growth in your business

  • You need an income to live the life of your dreams

  • You want to take back control over your calendar and your work-life balance.

Hello! I’m Yvonne van Dalen.

I've been where you are right now: struggling to make ends meet and desperate to keep up with the workload and everyday life at home.

I'm the creator of three successful businesses: an international translation agency I ran for 15 years, my current photography studio (est. 2010) specialized in pregnancy and newborn photography, and high-end custom-design heirloom products. And my current coaching business.

I love working with people and making creative and tangible memories. I shot for magazines, editorials, commercials, but I made the shift to newborn when my son was born. My crazy work hours took the better of me and I got exhausted. I was buried in never-ending to-do lists, and didn't pay myself enough. I lacked in marketing and business skills. And I missed out on my personal life. I didn't know how to keep a healthy schedule and I was burning myself out


With the birth of my kids I knew I had to flip things around, so I could enjoy my babies and not miss out on anything. Life's not all about working!

What finally opened my eyes? I was spending most of my hard-earned money on daycare. Leaving me penniless and tired... That had to change!

That’s when I revamped my entire life and business. I finally began

living from my dream

I completely overhauled the structure of my business.

I restructured my TIME,


my business WORKFLOW and my MINDSET.

I started implementing MARKETING STRATEGIES

and build systems to GENERATE MORE LEADS.



I was able to increase my average sale per client by a tenfold! I went from € 150 to € 1,500 per booking.

Nowadays I have orders varying from €2,500 to €20,000 per client.

Plus, I regained my personal time, focus and energy!

I now only work 20 hours a week

and spend my afternoons and my weekends with my family.

I have time to take a day off when I want, and we travel.

The point is that YOU can also make the transformation and start working AT your business and make MORE money in LESS time.

You've got your talent side in check, but the creative spirit in you needs a business crash course. You no longer want to be feeling like a failure in starvation mode. You want to get rid of the imposter syndrome and all the working parent guilt.


You want to be there for your clients and serve them the best you can to create VALUE in their lives.


You want to REVAMP your existing business and market the professional SERVICE that you deliver in your own unique way.


You want to learn how to repurpose your knowledge and create clear packages and products with a killer customer service that client pay you EXCELLENT rates for.


You want to work from your DREAM, from your real you, and connect with your clients in an AUTHENTIC way that resonates deep within you.


You want to REBRAND your creativity and create optimal VISIBILITY on all social platforms out there.

THRIVE in business and life

creatives coach academy marketing sales creatives photographers

introduces Studio Sessions

studio sessions 6 month online group program by yvonne van dalen

Studio Sessions is a 6-month Online Coaching Program with bi-weekly LIVE coaching sessions that offers you guidance in the transformation of your studio. You'll be able to study at home and implement all steps at your own pace, so you can book clients that get you and are ready to invest in your service business.

It’s time to finally get paid for all your hard work and build your business so you can live your dream life. You know that if your business grows, so does the quality of your personal life. And vice versa.

Just. Take. Action.

Ready to get started*? CHOOSE YOUR PLAN

6-month online group coaching program with worksheets, video modules, live group coaching calls, guest trainers, masterclasses, templates, facebook support group and weekly accountability check-ups

Prices displayed are ex VAT.

  • Pay in one go
3x €1100
  • 3 Monthly Payments
6x €600
  • 6 Monthly Payments



VIP Track

Includes three 60-min private coaching calls with Yvonne.

PLUS Voxer access (Mon-Fri) for direct messages with Yvonne to support you as you go through the program!

Prices displayed are ex VAT.

  • Pay in one go
4x €1100
  • 4 Monthly Payments



This package is the perfect match for you

if you recognize yourself in one or more of these statements:

  • You're swamped in to-do lists and want to get control of your business

  • Your days are un-organized, overwhelming and seem to go by too fast without result

  • You waste time on checking invoices and follow-ups and feel inconsistent doing it

  • You feel like there are no clients that will pay you your dream rates

  • You have no idea about marketing, sales funnels, landing pages, sales pages

  • You need an action plan to improve your sales approach and product line

  • You're on a tight budget, but know you need to invest in your business' future

  • You want to be more present with your family and friends

  • You need to improve your me time and personal care

  • You first 'need' that perfect new website before you start marketing

  • You hide behind your desk and are afraid to pick up the phone

  • You feel tired, a non-finisher, an imposter, and waste too much time online

  • You constantly compare your rates with those of others and keep changing them

  • You know you want more but you have no idea where to start

So, do you want to step into your new work-life combo? Then join the program!

Online coaching program for creatives & photographers who want to WORK LESS and EARN MORE for an optimal work-life combination with FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY.

What my clients say...

What will you learn from Studio Sessions - The Online Coaching Program?

This Coaching Program will give you a better focus on your work and your dream customer, and your ideal future projects. You'll create an Action Plan with concrete steps you can implement right away during this coaching trajectory and use for working towards your annual business targets.

You'll learn how to:

  • Get clear on your mindset, vision and goals for your life, your business and your brand (trust me I'm really practical and not mushy at all)

  • Build your brand and service around your dream client

  • Develop the right entrepreneur mindset with the help of all trainers

  • Set up business systems to get yourself moving and your business workflows automated

  • Grow your client base and up your conversion rate

  • Learn to create a budget and calculate your rates with the Finance Planner

  • Set up your Sales Packages, Collections and online or in-person sales

  • Optimize your customer experience

  • Solve your lack of time by adapting deep work skills and using studio management software

  • Automate your social media and create targeted content that will convert

  • Create Facebook and Instagram Ads that will attract your Dream Client

  • Grow your turnover and therefore your own income

And there you have it! The approach is crystal clear, easy to implement and gives practical results.

The online coaching program takes you through all the steps you'd get in my most expensive one-to-one coaching package of €9,999.

The coaching lessons can be integrated into your existing schedule and implemented at the pace that fits you best.

I'll teach you how to develop your business skills and grow your turn-over.

Your confidence and competence will increase and your true purpose and vision will come out.

Plus, your personal time will become available again.

What's inside the course?

Module 1 Vision and Goals

If you ever picked up your camera dreaming about "your own business" this lesson's for you! We dive deep into your motivation, desires, wishes and overall plan for your own life and for your business.

You can't build a house without a foundation. And your creative biz needs a solid one.

After all, we opened our own shop because we wanted creativity, freedom, income, and so much more!

This lesson will get your imagination going as we dream BIG and create a business blueprint for a studio with ease and flow.

That way you can work AND have fun!

Who's with me?

Worksheet cover - Lesson 1 - Vision and Goals
Worksheet cover - Lesson 2 - Dream Client

Module 2 Dream Client

It sounds so easy: as a creative entrepreneur we need clients. D'uh!

But who are these people you wanna work with anyway? You can't just build a plan based on the wish "I would like MORE clients!".

You need to paint a picture of that person to make your business succeed.

For each single creative entrepreneur and for each type of niche there is that person that just ticks all the boxes of that Dream Client.

But do you really know them?

Get ready to unlock the mystery of who your ideal client is, get to know how to position your message around them, so you can your sprinkle magic dust into the online space and attract your favorite peeps!

Module 3 Branding and Story Telling

In this module we go high-end and unleash your creative superpowers!

This is one of the most favorite modules, because as visually inclined people, creative entrepreneurs can just keep on fumbling around with this.

Think colors, fonts, design work, all the awesome stuff!

But no time to waste, we finally get to design your business brand story that fits you like a glove.

Once you've set up this important building block of your creative business, you'll see all other pieces fall into place with so much ease. It's so fun to watch!

Then we dive deep to uncover your soul-connecting stories and your client communication psychology that you will use to position your business online for client attraction on auto pilot.

Ready for take off?

Worksheet cover - Lesson 3 - Branding and Story Telling
Worksheet cover - Lesson 4 - Budget and Rates

Module 4 Budget and Rates

This is my favorite part: let's talk about money!

With the help of this module you'll finally flip that hobby into a money-making machine.

Why? We build your pricing and sales around the work we did in the first 3 modules

You specific type or types of Dream Client need their own approach in sales, depending on their character type. They need their own "formula" so to speak.

If it's in-person or online you wish to sell, you can learn how to build both! This course is all about making it work for you and your specific business.

Use our tools to set-up, monitor and develop your budget and set-up a system to stay on track with your sales targets per client.

Module 5 Systems and Automation

As we're on busy with our lives, this module is the key for you to streamline your creative biz.

Time is the most valuable asset in your business (and in life!), so why waste it on the silly stuff that can be automated?

I'm reaching you the tools to do exactly this, because as a busy mom of 2, my time is precious and I don't want to waste it.

Have your business work FOR YOU, while you relax and enjoy your down-time.

Oh, and learn how to avoid down-time in your business: a life-saving aspect you can't neglect!

Worksheet cover - Lesson 5 - Systems and Automation
Worksheet cover - Lesson 6 - Sales and Conversion

Module 6 Sales and Conversion

Ready for module 6? The big one, since you will be selling your art work.

Put on your big boy/girl pants and step into the role of a sales rep.

You know sales freak you out, but that's because you don't have a solid sales system (yet). Or you do have some sort of a system, but you don't actually know EXACTLY what to do and WHY.

Selling is not rocket science, but requires a certain approach. And in this module I take you through it step by step.

What products to integrate in your sales system, how to pre-screen and qualify your leads, how to set up collections and the different packages so your customers will buy without remorse AND love you for it!

Module 7 Marketing and Social Media

In this 7th and final module you build a strategy to grow your online visibility to attract more leads and book more sessions.

In today's online overload of information you wanna stand out with your creative business and your stellar customer service.

You will learn specific techniques to build your business information and lead gen hub, without losing your precious time and focus while creating valuable content.

Working with the steps in this module clients will find YOU and you will be growing your expert position in your niche.

Use magnetic content, mini sessions, and learn how to master Facebook and Instagram ads to attract AND book your Dream Client.

Worksheet cover - Lesson 7 - Marketing and Social Media
Yvonne van Dalen helps photographers transform their business

Live Coaching Talk Directly with Yvonne

Got questions? Every other week you have a live group coaching call with Yvonne.

She shares real-time strategies with you. You get the chance to ask your specific questions on the calls face-to-face and get coached by Yvonne.

You also learn from the question of your fellow students, as you are all in the same boat.

Besides that you have a private Facebook Support Group, Studio Sessions, for live-round members where you can ask for feedback on your Dream Client, pricing, packages, sales pages, freebie, personal storytelling, brandding or marketing.

Together with Yvonne and the group you will develop your pricing, packages, product range, marketing and lead gen approach and step into the role of the creative professional that you truly are.

Training Intensives join our Guest Experts!

All our guest experts give you hands-on training that will improve your mindset, give you business tools and strategies to use directly in your own biz.
Marieke Pijler - Sticky Content and Branding
Ingrid van Lith - Transform Your Money Beliefs
Cheryl Oliver - Funnel Building 101
Nickola Balsdon - PR Strategies Revisited
Ria Mishaal - Creating Scroll-Stopping Flatlays
Monique Aipassa - Be Your Own Superhero
Jo Obnamia - Canva Design Training
Danielle Garber - Content Repurposing Queen
Jessi Robbins Risley - Step Into Your Expert Role
Bryan Caporicci - Sprout Email Marketing
Jen Mansfield - Personal Fulfilment

Masterclasses get in-depth knowhow!

Planning and Structuring | Time Management Training

by Marieke Anthonisse

Learn how to use your time well with the help of time management techniques.


Facebook and Instagram Ads Mastery

Masterclass on How To Create Converting Ad Campaigns

And get booked solid!

Bonus Materials tools and templates!

How to Use the Finance Planner

Create your Automated Workflow

The Right Sales Vocabulary

Working with Templates

Time-saving Social Media Automation

Sprout Studio Tour

Zapier Integration for your Lead Magnet Funnel

Integrating Mailchimp Pop-Ups for List Building

High-Income VIP Days & Mini Sessions

Visibility Tracking and Marketing Mapping

The Perfect Blog Post

Support Section with Examples, Templates & Overviews

So, are you ready for your transformation? Enrol now!

Studio Session - The Online Coaching Program

7 lessons with video instructions

and workbooks

12 bi-weekly live coaching sessions

10+ bonus trainings

10+ guest expert trainings

6-month online coaching program


Mon-Fri online support

access to the course for 6-months

Studio Sessions the english edition

Meet the Guest Trainers!

Expert Canva Trainer Joan Obnamia from Kirei Creative

Joan Obnamia

Meet Joan Obnamia: Canva Certified Creative

She is the proud Owner and the Creative Mind behind "Kirei Creatives". Kirei is derived from the Japanese word beauty/beautiful, hence the name itself means "Beautiful Creations".


Joan started using Canva since 2015. Ever since she has been passionate about helping women with their business through creative designs and branding.


In her guest training Joan will be sharing tips and tricks using Canva and How it can take your business to the next level, all while highlighting "7 Features you'll love about Canva". A training you don't wanna miss!

Joan Obnamia

Maak kennis met Joan Obnamia: Canva Certified Creative

Ze is de trotse eigenaresse en de creatieve geest achter "Kirei Creatives". Kirei is afgeleid van het Japanse woord schoonheid / mooi, vandaar dat de naam van haar bedrijf "Beautiful Creations" of "Mooie Creaties" betekent.

Joan begon met het gebruik van Canva in 2015. Sindsdien is ze gepassioneerd om vrouwen te helpen met hun bedrijf door middel van creatieve ontwerpen en branding.

In haar gasttraining deelt Joan tips en trucs met Canva en hoe het design-platform je bedrijf naar een hoger niveau kan tillen, terwijl ze de nadruk legt op "7 functies die je geweldig zult vinden aan Canva". Een training die je niet wilt missen!

Ria-Mishaal-guest trainer for Studio Sessions1920

Ria Mishaal

Ria Mishaal is passionate about crafting authentic and artistic imagery. Ria has built a six-figure photography business shooting weddings, portraits and high-end commercial photography, and was awarded the prestigious distinction of Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in 2018.

Ria uses her 12 years of professional photography and her 15 years of teaching experience, to help her students learn the fundamentals of photography, visual style, branding and business so they can harness the power of creative photography and work with more of their ideal clients.

Ria Mishaal

Ria Mishaal heeft een ware passie het creëren van authentieke en artistieke beelden. Ria heeft een fotografiebedrijf opgezet dat meer dan 6 cijfers per jaar omzet, en fotografeert bruiloften, portretten en hoogwaardige commerciële opdrachten. Ze ontving in 2018 het prestigieuze onderscheid van Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society.

Ria gebruikt haar 12 jaar professionele fotografie en haar 15 jaar leservaring om haar studenten te helpen de basisprincipes van fotografie, visuele stijl, branding en business te leren, zodat ze de kracht van creatieve fotografie kunnen benutten en kunnen werken met meer van hun ideale klanten.

Danielle Garber from Be More You Guest Trainer for Photographers Coach

Danielle Garber

Danielle Garber is the founder of Be More You branding and marketing. She is a brand and content marketer who spent 16 years, working with some of the UK’s best-known brands including Apple, Amazon, John Lewis, B&Q, Barratt Homes & PC World. 

She’s worked with six-figure marketing budgets, agencies and large teams but has also worked with TINY budgets and a marketing department of ONE. Working with her husband’s Financial Services business she took their monthly web traffic from 400 to 17,000 visits a month - in under 12 months.

Danielle knows how to create successful brands and content that stands out from the crowd and believes that the key to that success is sharing more of what makes your business unique - you! Be More You was created to help passionate small businesses stand out from the crowd, increase their impact and charge their worth. 

Danielle Garber

Danielle Garber is de oprichter van Be More You branding en marketing. Ze is een merk- en contentmarketeer die 16 jaar heeft gewerkt imet enkele van de bekendste merken in het VK, waaronder Apple, Amazon, John Lewis, B&Q, Barratt Homes & PC World.

Ze werkte met marketingbudgetten van zes cijfers, bureaus en grote teams, maar werkte ook met SUPERKLEINE budgetten en een marketingafdeling van 1 persoon. In samenwerking met de financiële dienstverlening van haar man bracht ze hun maandelijkse webverkeer van 400 naar 17.000 bezoeken per maand - in minder dan 12 maanden.

Danielle weet hoe ze succesvolle merken en inhoud moet creëren die zich onderscheiden van de massa en gelooft dat de sleutel tot dat succes is om meer te delen van wat jouw bedrijf uniek maakt - jij! Be More You is gemaakt om gepassioneerde, kleine bedrijven te helpen zich te onderscheiden van de massa, hun impact te vergroten en hun waarde in rekening te brengen.

Marieke Anthonisse close up 1920

Marieke Anthonisse

Marieke Anthonisse (1969) started in 1998 as one of the first professional organizers in the Netherlands. She later switched to in-company training on time management.

In 2012 she started as an entrepreneurial coach with women entrepreneurs. Her keywords are Overview and Structure. The conditions for growth.

Marieke is married to William and she is the mother of two teenagers. Her company is called Zakenmam ("Business Mom").

Marieke Anthonisse

Marieke Anthonisse (1969) startte in 1998 als een van de eerste professional organizers in Nederland. Later stapte zij over naar het geven van in-company trainingen over time management.

In 2012 ging zij zich als ondernemerscoach richten op vrouwelijke ondernemers. Haar kernwoorden zijn Overzicht en Structuur. Dé voorwaarden voor groei.

Marieke is getrouwd met William en zij is moeder van twee tieners. Haar bedrijf heet Zakenmam.

marieke pijler brand density rotterdamse zakenvrouw van het jaar 2019

Marieke Pijler

Marieke Pijler is a branding and marketing specialist. She provides inspiring lectures, workshops and training courses on branding and marketing. She also provides strategy and coaching to start-ups and scale-ups to grow their business and brand. With her assessment she is one of the highest rated trainers in branding and marketing.

Marieke is a speaker that gives you noticeable energy. She gives her audience the impulse to build a brand with profit and purpose in this digital age.

Marieke Pijler

Marieke Pijler is branding en marketing specialist. Ze verzorgt inspirerende lezingen, workshops en trainingen over branding en marketing. Tevens voorziet ze start-ups en scale-ups van strategie en coaching om hun business en brand te laten groeien. Met haar beoordeling behoort ze tot de hoogst gewaardeerde trainers in branding en marketingland.

Marieke is een spreker waar je merkbaar energie van krijgt. Ze geeft haar publiek de impuls om in dit digitale tijdperk te bouwen aan een brand met profit en purpose.

Monique Aipassa Guest Trainer for Studio Sessions

Monique Aipassa

Monique specializes in helping 40+ busy moms, who truly long to have more “me time”, how to Balance their Energy in such a way, that they can move through their days with more Ease, Grace and Flow and have Fun along the way. 

Being a mom of 2 sons (21 and 17 years), she has struggled to find the right balance between taking care of them and giving herself permission that it’s okay to have her own “me time” as well.

As a certified Dream Builder Coach combined with 20 years professional experience as a Holistic Massage Practitioner, Monique is committed to reignite the fire of your heart’s desires and help you sustain that flame to transform your life in ways that will simply blow your mind away!!

Monique Aipassa

Monique is gespecialiseerd in het helpen van drukke moeders 40+, die echt verlangen naar meer 'ik-tijd', hoe ze hun energie op zo'n manier in evenwicht kunnen brengen dat ze hun dagen met meer gemak, gratie en flow kunnen beleven en onderweg plezier hebben.

Als moeder van 2 zoons (21 en 17 jaar) heeft ze het zwaar gehad om de juiste balans te vinden tussen voor hen te zorgen en zichzelf toestemming te geven dat het ook goed is om haar eigen 'ik-tijd' te hebben.

Als gecertificeerde Dream Builder Coach gecombineerd met 20 jaar professionele ervaring als holistische massagebeoefenaar, is Monique toegewijd om het vuur van je hartsverlangens opnieuw aan te wakkeren en je te helpen die vlam aan te houden om je leven te transformeren op manieren die je simpelweg zullen verbazen! !

Bryan Caporicci CEO Sprout Studio

Bryan Caporicci

Bryan Caporicci is the founder and CEO of Sprout Studio, a business management software for photographers who look for a time-saving, streamlined way of providing high-end service to their photography clients.

In 2010, Bryan won the "RBC Financial Group Small Business Award" at the recent Welland-Pelham Chamber of Commerce Ruby Awards ceremony. WPPI awarded him with several "Awards of Excellence" designations.

Bryan takes us the through the email marketing option that integrated in Sprout Software, to generate more leads and increase your conversion rate.

Bryan Caporicci

Bryan Caporicci is de oprichter en CEO van Sprout Studio, software voor bedrijfsbeheer voor fotografen die op zoek zijn naar een tijdbesparende, gestroomlijnde manier om hun fotografieklanten een hoogwaardige service te bieden.

In 2010 won Bryan de "RBC Financial Group Small Business Award" tijdens de recente Welly-Pelham Chamber of Commerce Ruby Awards-ceremonie. WPPI gaf hem verschillende "Awards of Excellence" voor zijn werk.

Bryan neemt ons mee door de e-mailmarketing-functie die is geïntegreerd in Sprout Software om meer leads te genereren en je conversieratio te verhogen.

Jessi Robbins Risley NLP practitioner and Relationship Coach

Jessi Risley

Jessi Risley is an NLP practitioner, relationship coach, author, public speaker and entrepreneur.  

From overwhelmed entrepreneur to passionate coach; Jessi knows how you feel.  She took control of her life by implementing self-transformation and has made it her mission to teach others the art of self-healing.

Jessi teaches NLP techniques to transform the mindset: releasing limiting beliefs, past traumas and reprogramming your mind for your desired future. As an expert in Reprogramming, she teaches clients how EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) relieves anxiety and stress, replenishes confidence and helps them realign with their goals.

Jessi Risley

Jessi Risley is NLP-beoefenaar, relatiecoach, auteur, openbaar spreker en ondernemer.

Van overweldigde ondernemer tot gepassioneerde coach: Jessi weet hoe jij je voelt. Ze nam de controle over haar leven door zelftransformatie door te voeren en heeft het tot haar missie gemaakt om anderen de kunst van zelfgenezing te leren.

Jessi leert je NLP-technieken om je mindset te transformeren: beperkende overtuigingen, trauma's uit het verleden los te laten en je geest opnieuw te programmeren voor je gewenste toekomst. Als expert in herprogrammering leert ze klanten hoe EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) angst en stress verlicht, het vertrouwen aanvult en helpt bij het opnieuw afstemmen van hun doelen.

Ingrid van Lith gast trainer voor Studio Sessions

Ingrid van Lith

Business Facilitator at RMRKBL - The Online Academy for more happiness in your life and your business

Ingrid is an internationally certified NLP Trainer, 2nd grade practitioner in Usui Reiki and graduated in Communication Management and Nima Marketing B. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, she's an expert in neuromarketing and online customer behavior. She has discovered a SIMPLE strategy to create a happy and abundant life. She quit her well-paid job as a marketing manager and became an entrepreneur.

Her mission is to make everyone more aware of their own super powers, responsibilities and developments on their life path. She offers new perspective, enlightening insights and handles, through which you can make more direct conscious choices for now and in the future. So that you can create more happiness in your life & your company.

Ingrid van Lith

Ingrid van Lith, Business Facilitator bij RMRKBL - Dé Online Academy voor meer happiness in je leven & je business

Ingrid is Internationaal gecertificeerd NLP Trainer, practitioner in de 2e graad in Usui Reiki en is afgestudeerd in Communicatiemanagement en Nima Marketing B. Door ruim 20 jaar ervaring in het marketingvak, is ze expert op het gebied van neuromarketing en online klantgedrag. Ze ontdekte een SIMPELE strategie om een gelukkig en overvloedig leven te creëren. Ze zei haar goedbetaalde baan als marketing manager op en werd ondernemer.

Het is haar missie om mensen bewuster te maken van hun eigen superpowers, verantwoordelijkheden en ontwikkelingen op hun levenspad. Ze biedt nieuw perspectief, verhelderende inzichten en handvatten, waardoor je direct bewustere keuzes kan maken voor nu en in de toekomst. Zodat je meer happiness in je leven & je business kan creëren.

Cheryl Oliver is a guest trainer in Studio Sessions and talks about The Power of Funnels

Cheryl Oliver

Cheryl's the girl to help you make loads more money while you sit back, feet up, with a glass of wine.

Before she started her business she was a web designer and digital marketer for a big corporate company. But once she had her daughter, she wanted more from her life. She didn’t want to be chained to a desk whether she had work to do or not.

So she worked her butt off, set up all her own processes, tested every application out there and cursed…. A lot.

Now she's a pro at what she does, so she can help you:

💰 Make way more money so that you can actually take a day off every now and then

😎 Work with clients you love because you’re attracting the right people with your offers

❤️ And love what you do again because it doesn’t feel like such slog anymore

And she can help you do all of that without the extra grey hairs.

Cheryl Oliver

Cheryl is de go-to girl die je helpt meer geld te verdienen terwijl je achterover leunt, met je voeten omhoog, en een glas wijn.

Voordat ze dit bedrijf begon, was ze webdesigner en digitale marketeer voor een groot bedrijf. Maar toen ze haar  dochter kreeg, wilde ze meer uit haar leven halen. Ze wilde niet aan een kantoorbaan vastzitten, of ze nu werk had of niet.

Dus werkte ze heel hard, zette al haar eigen processen op, testte elke app die er was en vloekte ... Veel.

Nu is ze een professional in wat ze doet, dus zij kan je helpen om:

💰 Veel meer geld te verdienen, zodat je zo nu en dan een dag vrij kunt nemen

😎 Te werken met jouw droomklanten omdat je met jouw aanbiedingen de juiste mensen aantrekt

❤️ En jou opnieuw verliefd laten worden op wat je doet, omdat het niet meer zo'n sleur is

En Cheryl kan jou daarbij helpen zonder de extra kopzorgen.

Nickola Balsdon guest trainer for Studio Sessions

Nickola Balsdon

Nickola is a results driven business coach, founder of three 6-figure businesses, online marketing expert and professional newborn photographer. Her entrepreneurial journey began 13 years ago. She teaches newborn photographers and creative entrepreneurs the action steps for building a profitable and sustainable lifestyle business, by giving them the tools and marketing strategies to grow their confidence, ignite results and transform their business, while making a real impact on the world.

She is a working mom of 2 little children, the founder of the Newborn Photographers Network South Africa and an advocate for empowering women to follow their dreams and create a life they absolutely love. Nickola has travelled the world extensively and spent time in the US and UK. She now lives in South Africa.

Nickola Balsdon

Nickola is een resultaatgerichte business coach, oprichter van drie 6-cijferige bedrijven, online marketing expert en professioneel newbornfotograaf. Haar ondernemersreis begon 13 jaar geleden. Ze leert newbornfotografen en creatieve ondernemers de stappen voor het opbouwen van een winstgevende en duurzame lifestyle business, door ze de tools en marketingstrategieën te geven om hun zelfvertrouwen te vergroten, resultaten te boeken en hun bedrijf te transformeren, en dat alles terwijl ze echte impact maken op de wereld.

Ze is een werkende moeder van 2 kleine kinderen, de oprichter van het Newborn Photographers Network South Africa en een pleitbezorger voor vrouwen om hun dromen te volgen en een leven te creëren waar ze absoluut van houden. Nickola heeft de hele wereld over gereisd en tijd doorgebracht in de VS en het VK. Ze woont nu in Zuid-Afrika.

Jen Mansfield Personal Fulfillment Coach square

Jen Mansfield

Jen Mansfield is founder of BEcoming YOU©, which is a life revamp and reset programme. Jen helps women from all over the world who are tired and feel overwhelmed by the 'should's' and 'must's' and she helps them rediscover their sense of identity and fun, and get back into the driving seat of their life.

Her transformational coaching skills help you unbecoming everything you thought you 'should' be, so you can become who you were born to be, And that is the most vibrant expression of YOU, with a life you (quote Jen) frickin' LOVE.

Jen Mansfield

Jen is oprichter van BEcoming YOU ©, een programma voor het vernieuwen en resetten van je leven.
Jen helpt vrouwen van over de hele wereld die moe zijn en zich overweldigd voelen door het 'zouden moeten' en 'moeten'. Ze hen om hun identiteitsgevoel en plezier te herontdekken en het heft van hun leven weer in eigen handen te nemen.

Haar transformationele coachingsvaardigheden helpen je om alles te veranderen waarvan je dacht dat je 'zou moeten' zijn, zodat je kunt worden wie je geboren bent. En dat is de meest levendige uitdrukking van JOU, met een leven waarvan jij (citaat Jen) verdomme houdt!

Make The Shift. NOW

If you don’t take action now, you know that in a year’s time you'll still be doing what you’re doing now.

Change can be difficult, and turning over a new leaf can be hard and daunting. But you know what you’re going to get if you keep doing what you’ve always done.

I know you’re on this website for a good reason. That little voice inside you says it’s time for you to change and gear up your business knowhow.

I want you to choose you DREAM and follow the steps in this online program, so you can get your VISION, PROFITS and FREE TIME back on track.

So get on board with this Crew!

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Here are your answers.

Let’s line up what this course gives you

  • 7 instruction videos of Yvonne with video and slides

  • 7 workbooks for you to discover your personal and business goals and priorities, your personal brand, your dream client and sales rates so you can generate more bookings and up your customer service and turnover, workflow automation, plus a strategy for better online visibility that converts

  • 12 bi-weekly coaching sessions with live Q&A to answer your questions and learn from others in the group

  • 6-month access to the course content and the private Facebook Support Group for all participants of this online course to keep on track, be held accountable, get peer support so you can reach your goals faster

  • 10+ bonus trainings on How to Use the Finance Planner, Creating Automated Workflows, Time-saving Social Media Automation, The Right Sales Vocabulary, Working with Templates, Zapier Integration for your Lead Magnet Funnel, Sprout Studio Tour, High-Paying VIP Days & Mini Sessions, and many many more...

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads Masterclass, Time Management Masterclass

  • 10+ Special Guest Trainings and Masterclasses on course-related topics (and that list keeps on growing!)

Ready to get started*? CHOOSE YOUR PLAN

6-month online group coaching program with worksheets, video modules, live group coaching calls, guest trainers, masterclasses, templates, facebook support group and weekly accountability check-ups

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VIP Track

Includes three 60-min private coaching calls with Yvonne.

PLUS Voxer access (Mon-Fri) for direct messages with Yvonne to support you as you go through the program!

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