Studio Sessions Basics Edition

Transform Your Photography Business and Grow Your Income

Studio Sessions Basics Edition

Transform Your Photography Business and Grow Your Income

Online 6-week course for creative photographers who want to WORK LESS and EARN MORE for an optimal work-life combination with FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY.

You work too many hours IN your own business, not AT your own business

and you're ready for more time,
more focus and more income.

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The ideal picture of being self-employed and being an artist:  Making gorgeous pictures that make your customer happy and be that free creative spirit.

What a dream!

But the reality kicks in once you see how many hours you put in and how little you're left with below the bottom line. You're not enjoying your free time, you're always thinking of the business and your to-do list, and feel you're always two steps behind with everything. You lack the proper marketing and business skills and keep stumbling on making big plans happen. The idealistic approach of the artist’s life is wearing you down and you need a solution fast before you're headed towards a burn-out.

Nobody is made to work

60-80+ hours a week

  • You need time with your loved ones

  • Time for yourself to unwind and recharge

  • You need to reach your goals for financial growth in your business

  • You need an income to live the life of your dreams

  • You want to take back control over your calendar and your work-life balance.

I can teach you how to start your own business systems to get your momentum going!

Hello! I’m Yvonne van Dalen.

I've been where you are right now: struggling to make ends meet and desperate to keep up with the workload and everyday life at home.

I'm the creator of two successful businesses: an international translation agency I ran for 15 years and my current photography studio (est. 2010) specialized in pregnancy and newborn photography, and high-end custom-design heirloom products.

I love working with people and making creative and tangible memories. I shot for magazines, editorials, commercials, but I made the shift to newborn when my son was born. My crazy work hours took the better of me and I got exhausted. I was buried in never-ending to-do lists, and didn't pay myself enough. I lacked in marketing and business skills. And I missed out on my personal life. I didn't know how to keep a healthy schedule and I was burning myself out


With the birth of my kids I knew I had to flip things around, so I could enjoy my babies and not miss out on anything. Life's not all about working!

What finally opened my eyes? I was spending most of my hard-earned money on daycare. Leaving me penniless and tired... That had to change!

That’s when I revamped my entire life and business. I finally began

living from my dream

I completely overhauled the structure of my business.

I restructured my TIME,


my business WORKFLOW and my MINDSET.

I started implementing MARKETING STRATEGIES

and build systems to GENERATE MORE LEADS.



I was able to increase my average sale per client by a tenfold! I went from € 150 to € 1,500-4,500 per booking.

Plus, I regained my personal time, focus and energy!

I now only work 20 hours a week

and spend my afternoons and my weekends with my family.

I have time to take a day off when I want, and we travel.

The point is that YOU can also make the transformation and start working AT your business and make MORE money in LESS time.

You've got your talent side in check, but the creative spirit in you needs a business crash course. You no longer want to be feeling like a failure in starvation mode. You want to get rid of the imposter syndrome and all the working parent guilt.


You want to be there for your clients and serve them the best you can to create VALUE in their lives.


You want to REVAMP your existing business and market the professional SERVICE that you deliver in your own unique way.


You want to learn how to repurpose your knowledge and create clear packages and products with a killer customer service that client pay you EXCELLENT rates for.


You want to work from your DREAM, from your real you, and connect with your clients in an AUTHENTIC way that resonates deep within you.


You want to REBRAND your creativity and create optimal VISIBILITY on all social platforms out there.

THRIVE in photography and life


introduces Studio Sessions | BASICS EDITION

With Studio Sessions | Basics Edition you have the little brother of Studio Sessions in your hands: in this budget version you skip the live coaching sessions and online support group, and you can study at your own pace and from your own home.

In six weeks you will receive 1 lesson every week with instruction video, workbook and several bonus training and templates.

You transform your photography business according to your own insights using all of the instructional videos, workbooks, bonus trainings, templates and tools.

Just. Take. Action.


This package is the perfect match for you

if you recognize yourself in one or more of these statements:

  • You're swamped in to-do lists and want to get control of your business

  • Your days are un-organized, overwhelming and seem to go by too fast without result

  • You waste time on checking invoices and follow-ups and feel inconsistent doing it

  • You feel like there are no clients that will pay you your dream rates

  • You have no idea about marketing, sales funnels, landing pages, sales pages

  • You need an action plan to improve your sales approach and product line

  • You're on a tight budget, but know you need to invest in your business' future

  • You want to be more present with your family and friends

  • You need to improve your me time and personal care

  • You first 'need' that perfect new website before you start marketing

  • You hide behind your desk and are afraid to pick up the phone

  • You feel tired, a non-finisher, an imposter, and waste too much time online

  • You constantly compare your rates with those of others and keep changing them

  • You know you want more but you have no idea where to start

So, ready for your new work-life combo? Then you can join the program now!


Online 6-week course for creative photographers who want to WORK LESS and EARN MORE for an optimal work-life combination with FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY.

What my clients say...

What will you learn from Studio Sessions - Basics Edition?

This 6-week course will give you a better focus on your work and your dream customer, and your ideal future projects. All lessons form concrete steps you can implement right away during the course period and use for working towards your annual business targets.

You'll learn how to:

  • Get clear on your mindset, vision and goals for your life, your business and your brand (trust me I'm really practical and not mushy at all)

  • Build your brand and service around your dream client

  • Set up business systems to get yourself moving and your business workflows automated

  • Grow your client base and up your conversion rate

  • Learn to create a budget and calculate your rates with the Finance Planner

  • Set up your Sales Packages, Collections and online or in-person sales

  • Optimize your customer experience

  • Solve your lack of time by adapting deep work skills and using studio management software

  • Automate your social media and create targeted content that will convert

  • Grow your turnover and therefore your own income

And there you have it! The approach is crystal clear, easy to implement and gives practical results.

The course takes you through all the steps you'd get in my most expensive one-to-one coaching package of €9999,-.

The lessons can be integrated into your existing schedule and implemented at the pace that fits you best.

I'll teach you how to develop your business skills and grow your turn-over.

Your confidence and competence will increase and your true purpose and vision will come out.

Plus, your personal time will become available again.

Course Outline

Lesson 1 | Vision and Goals

Lesson 2 | Dream Client

Lesson 3 | Branding and Story Telling

Lesson 4 | Budget and Rates

Lesson 5 | Systems and Automation

Lesson 6 | Sales and Conversion


Bonus materials

How to Use the Finance Planner

Create your Automated Workflow

The Right Sales Vocabulary

Working with Templates

Time-saving Social Media Automation

Sprout Studio Tour

Support Section with Examples, Templates and Overviews

So, are you ready for your transformation? Enrol now!

Studio Session - Basics Edition

6 lessons with video instructions

and workbooks

7 bonus video trainings

6-week online course

lifetime access

Make The Shift. NOW

If you don’t take action now, you know that in a year’s time you'll still be doing what you’re doing now.

Change can be difficult, and turning over a new leaf can be hard and daunting. But you know what you’re going to get if you keep doing what you’ve always done.

I know you’re on this website for a good reason. That little voice inside you says it’s time for you to change and gear up your business knowhow.

I want you to choose your DREAM and follow the steps in this online program, so you can get your VISION, PROFITS and FREE TIME back on track.

So get on board!

Let’s line up what this course gives you

  • 6 instruction videos of Yvonne

  • 6 workbooks for you to discover your personal and business goals and priorities, your personal brand, your dream client and sales rates so you can generate more bookings and up your customer service and turnover, workflow automation, plus a strategy for better online visibility that converts

  • lifetime access to the course content

  • 7 bonus trainings on How to Use the Finance Planner, Creating Automated Workflows, Time-saving Social Media Automation, The Right Sales Vocabulary, Working with Templates, Zapier Integration for your Lead Magnet Funnel and Sprout Studio Tour

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