An interview with a client: meet Lieselot

Let me introduce you to my friend and coaching client Lieselot. Lieselot is the creative brain and mastermind behind her fine-art photography business LOT Photography.

Her business is doing AMAZING, and Lieselot was on the right track, but only really got things moving upwards when she started with the online coaching program Studio Sessions.

I thought I’d show you a real-life example of someone who’s going through the program. And what it has meant for them so far. So I interviewed Lieselot on her experience with Studio Sessions.

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Are you struggling to make ends meet in your photography business?

I was you a few years back: exhausted from working long hours, hardly making any money and missing out on my family time. I knew I wanted to work less and earn more so I could enjoy my dream life.

I hired a few business coaches and transformed my business. And guess what happened: my sales went up ten times! I now work 20 hours a week and have afternoons and weekends off to be with my family.

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Finances for Creatives at Konpoli Seminar

Photographers Coach public speaking about Finances for Creatives at the Konpoli Seminar 2018

What a wonderful public speaking event I was invited to a few weeks ago: The 2018 Konpoli Seminar, celebrating the 40th Greek Konpoli anniversary and 5th Dutch Konpoli Nederland anniversary. The company led by the charismatic Greek Joseph and Vaso Konpoli and the two Dutch dedicated business women, Annelies Verbosch and Celica Verbon, organized a party for 200 professional photographers from Belgium and The Netherlands at the Carlton President Hotel in Utrecht on December 14th, 2018.

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Fall seven times, stand up eight

fall seven times stand up eight photographers coach about defeat and how you handle it

Ever heard of the saying “Fall seven times, stand up eight”? It’s one of my favorite quotes as it says what life is all about. No matter how many times you get knocked down, it’s more important that you get back up again that really matters. I’ve gone through all the obstacles of running my…

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When self-doubt leads to procrastination in your business and what you can do against it

Okay, okay, ik geef het toe, ik lijd er ook aan. Maar, jij lijdt er ook aan. Eigenlijk lijden we er allemaal aan! Waaraan lijden we met zijn allen? TWIJFELEN AAN JEZELF! En waaraan ligt dat? Omdat we allemaal mens zijn, en we het in tijden van stress, overvolle agenda’s en onvoorziene omstandigheden gewoon moeilijk…

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Get More Dream Clients

Are you ready to revamp your business? Are you a creative and are you STUCK in your never-ending to-do list? Do you miss out too much on your FAMILY TIME and ME TIME? You have great plans for your business, but never reach YOUR GOALS? You don’t know enough about MARKETING but crave FINANCIAL GROWTH. You want to take back control…

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