Thursday Tune-Up: My Coaching Love Child Is Born!

In this video (FB live recording) I’m talking about something that made me REALLY nervous! Wanna know what? I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with the Business of Photography by Bryan Caporicci from Sprout Studio (Sprout Studio is a Studio management suite built for photographers by photographers and basically THE all-in-one solution for all your business maganagement).

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Meet the Guest Trainers: Marieke Anthonisse

In this online masterclass you will focus on your time and your life as a woman in business. In addition to your professional knowledge and passion, you need more to make your business a success. Your own definition of success of course. It’s about mindset, becoming the boss you need.

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An interview with a client: meet Lieselot

Let me introduce you to my friend and coaching client Lieselot. Lieselot is the creative brain and mastermind behind her fine-art photography business LOT Photography.

Her business is doing AMAZING, and Lieselot was on the right track, but only really got things moving upwards when she started with the online coaching program Studio Sessions.

I thought I’d show you a real-life example of someone who’s going through the program. And what it has meant for them so far. So I interviewed Lieselot on her experience with Studio Sessions.

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Meet the Guest Trainers: Ingrid van Lith

In this guest training I will take you through 4 exercises to become more aware of what is holding you back to allow more money into your life.

You may recognize one of these statements.
💸 “Money is not the most important thing in life.”
💸 “Money does not make you happy.”
💸 “Money stinks.”
💸 “He is out of money.”
💸 “The money is not for the taking.”
💸 “There are people who have money and there are people who are rich.”
💸 “He who wants to be rich should not increase his wealth, but reduce his greed.”
💸 “Money causes unrest.”

In the training I will teach you what you need to transform these nasty thoughts into thoughts that will help you to look at money differently.

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Flip The Script – 5-Day Challenge

Hey photographer! Want to unlock the 5 biggest blocks that keep you from building the photography business of your dreams? Then join the Flip The Script Challenge for FREE starting 28 October.

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Coaches Coffee | A Review

Wow, last Thursday 20 photographers visited Studio in Vught. The atmosphere was AMAZING. Contacts were made, stories shared, we laughed and teared up, and we all felt (yes, me too!) stronger because of our shared stories after that morning. We all did an exercise that morning on Limiting Money Beliefs and how you can flip…

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When self-doubt leads to procrastination in your business and what you can do against it

Okay, okay, ik geef het toe, ik lijd er ook aan. Maar, jij lijdt er ook aan. Eigenlijk lijden we er allemaal aan! Waaraan lijden we met zijn allen? TWIJFELEN AAN JEZELF! En waaraan ligt dat? Omdat we allemaal mens zijn, en we het in tijden van stress, overvolle agenda’s en onvoorziene omstandigheden gewoon moeilijk…

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Nothing is worth more than today

Nothing is more important than this day weight loss journey Photographers Coach Yvonne van Dalen

  An eye-opening realization I have to share As my coaching business is up and running, and my online group program and accompanying book and tools are taking shape for this Autumn, I have also realized that since the beginning of this year I am zoning in on one thing that is important for me.…

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