An interview with a client: Introducing Daisy Renders

Hi lady boss!

Meet Daisy from

As a business coach for photographers I can talk about my own business until I’m blue in the face, but I’d love to share the story of my coaching client Daisy. Daisy is a photographer specialized in funeral and memorial service photography. You can read more on her business here: 

I met Daisy during one of my Studio Events early 2019 here in the studio and after a Discovery Call she booked me as her one-to-one coach. She also participates in the online group coaching program Studio Sessions. Her business was doing pretty well in photography and (mainly) graphic design, but Daisy wanted to follow her heart’s desire and specialize and rebrand for that specific type of photography that she really loves: she wanted to focus on photographing funerals/memorials and the printwork that is involved with funeral services.

I’ll let Daisy do the talking

I thought I’d show you a real life example of someone who’s going through the program. And what it has meant for them so far. So I interviewed Daisy on her experience with Studio Sessions.

How was your life before you started coaching with Yvonne and did Studio Sessions?

“I worked IN my company and never actually AT it. The daily work swallowed me up and I never took the time to think about in which direction I wanted to take my business. Nor was I faithful to my self-esteem: I always wanted to help the customer and I put myself aside for that.”

What did you struggle with most in the business sense?

“Automation and a new professionalization step with my business.”

Has Studio Sessions helped you with these business problems?

“Hell yes! Thanks to Yvonne, I now know which tools are available to make your workflow easier and especially how much time it can save you by automating things.
Furthermore, I had many eye openers about topics that seem quite simple, but I just didn’t tackle (or didn’t consider to tackle, because they’re so logical). But it’s these small elements together that help you make your work process easier and faster.”

Now you’re quite busy. How did you find the time to follow the lessons and implement your knowledge?

“I’ve blocked hours in my diary every week to work on the lessons. I had made a choice to take big steps with my business with the help of you as my coach, so I had to take this seriously. After all, I had invested in this. I really wanted to work AT my business and not just IN my business.
And yes, sometimes something came up concerning a deadline, but I kept making sure that I kept taking steps. No matter how small.”

At what time did you earn your investment in coaching back?

“I have earned back the course fee from Studio Sessions DURING the coaching. Most of this because I learned how to start selling products. By being very clear from the start towards the client that we’re working towards a tangible product (and by repeating this regularly during the entire shoot workflow and showing the products and prices several times), the client is READY TO BUY during the ordering appointment. At that point they KNOW what they want. This process makes my sales very easy.”

How is your life now, after your coaching?

“I’m true to my self-esteem. Of course I still love to help people, but there’s a limit. And that limit has to do with the quality and service that I want to deliver to my customers.
Furthermore, I really made another professionalization step with my business. I have grown again!”

For whom is the Studio Sessions program most suitable in your opinion?

“For photographers who are just starting out in their own business and still have to come up with their plan (they’ll make a SUPER nice start with the Studio Sessions Program!!) or self-employed photographers who’ve been in business for a few years, and have been struggling for a while and just need that little push.”

Thank you, Daisy, for your input and view on the online group coaching. If you, the reader, are curious to know more, please contact me and I can put you into contact with Daisy for further questions.

Daisy’s Video Testimonial