Let me introduce you to my friend and coaching client Lieselot. Lieselot is the creative brain and mastermind behind her fine-art photography business LOT Photography. 

Her business is doing AMAZING, and Lieselot was on the right track, but only really got things moving upwards when she started with the online coaching program Studio Sessions.

I thought I’d show you a real-life example of someone who’s going through the program. And what it has meant for them so far. So I interviewed Lieselot on her experience with Studio Sessions.

What was your life like before you started coaching with Yvonne and started Studio Sessions?

“I was certainly on the right track, but the large TO-DO list got to me, and at a certain point I could no longer see the forest for the trees. Because I didn't have all the tools, I skipped certain pieces - I simply didn't have the time to sort things out and get to the bottom of what needed to be done. So I just left the unresolved issues. Only to see them end up as another item on my endless TO-DO list again! That made me so disappointed and insecure. At one point I didn't even like my job anymore, I thought it would never work out the way I had in mind.”

What struggles did you face most in the business sense?

“My prices and my knowledge in marketing. I noticed that at the end of an assignment I hardly made any money, although in my opinion, my prices were quite high. I wanted to stay affordable for all target groups - was it feasible for everyone to hire me? In terms of marketing, I had the same problem: I wanted to reach everyone, but how? I got stuck on those two points.”

How has Studio Sessions helped you with these business problems?

“I’ve learned that you cannot please everyone, and that you have to work for your target group / dream customer, and also that you have to coordinate the marketing! My prices have also gone up considerably, which I found very scary at the beginning, but now I no longer understand how I could work for those low prices - I’ve got a completely different mindset!”

Now, you are quite busy. How did you find the time to follow the lessons and implement your knowledge?

“I just found the time I needed, because I experienced one AHA moment after another. I finally woke up! And that gave me so much energy that I started working like crazy! 🙂 ”

At what time did you earn back your investment in coaching?

“Haha, DURING the coaching already! Everything was accelerating, the tide was turning.”

What is your life like now at the end of the program?

“I see light again at the end of a very long dark tunnel, which I really thought I couldn't get out of. My business is flourishing now, I have found my ideal dream target group, and that works so much nicer! The customer and I understand each other, and therefore they are not shocked by the prices - they pay for it! I spend so much time on a shoot and offer so much service to the customer - but finally I feel recognition for what I do!”

For whom is the Studio Sessions program most suitable in your eyes?

“For everyone who really wants to make something of their photography business, and for those who want to take their business to that level where it’s just wonderful to work!”

So, how did you like the interview? I always think it works best to show who has gone through my program and how my coaching clients are thriving.

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With Love,

Yvonne XO

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