fall seven times stand up eight photographers coach about defeat and how you handle it

Ever heard of the saying “Fall seven times, stand up eight”? It’s one of my favorite quotes as it says what life is all about. No matter how many times you get knocked down, it’s more important that you get back up again that really matters.

I’ve gone through all the obstacles of running my own businesses, and I know the pitfalls you can walk into. I remember the days way back when, when I was in a financial hell. I’ve seen times where I had to live on $ 25 a week and eat cans of beans for dinner. I’ve struggled my way out of $30,000 of tax debt in one year to fight off bankruptcy. I’ve seen it all. But I’m a real fighter and never gave up. I’ve been in business as a freelance entrepreneur for over 25 years. I now run my own profitable photography studio and coaching business. After all those years, I have found a really nice balance between work and life.

Life happens, be flexible

But this week I spoke to one of my coaching clients and she has had to face a difficult challenge. You see, life happens and that is what she is facing right now in her situation. Her family faced huge financial challenges recently, which has turned her business plans and her personal life upside down. It has forced her to be flexible, creative and persistent. And that is exactly what she has done.
My client, let’s call her Deborah, was forced to find an immediate solution to a personal financial situation while she was in the midst of building up her own photography business. The financial challenge life threw her way was unexpected as many things in life can be, but Deborah didn’t let herself get discouraged. She immediately looked inside herself for answers and took hold of another big passion of hers that can help her generate funds immediately. She had to put aside the current start-up projects for her own photography business. And as hard as it was for her to shelve that dream, she did it anyway. Time was of the essence and she made a bold career move decision to get to where she needs to be as quickly as possible.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

She is fighting back in a way that I admire. Where most people would feel defeated, give up or just keep doing what they have always done as “it is the way things are”, she took another route. She has come up with a solution that is both bold and creative and that has forced her to reframe her entire business approach. And I love her for that. She is showing that she is able to think outside of the box. To let things go. To not give in to her fears. To keep on keeping on. And to be an example to husband and her children. What a woman! I applaud her!
We spoke on the phone about what happened and how she responded to this crisis, and I admitted that I see her courage and her creativity in her behavior. She told me that my reaction in its turn really encouraged her. And how could I react otherwise? What other thing can we best teach ourselves and our children? To give up when things get tough? Or to bounce back and kick the universe in the butt? I know which option I would choose! How about you?

Celebrate your wins, no matter how small they are

So, Deborah, I love that you were so open to me about your situation. I admire that you had the guts to size down on the photography side of the business, thus opening up time to improve your income and rescue your family from going under. You were quick on your feet and I know you will get where you want to go in your life. I am so grateful that we have met each other and I will keep following your business whereabouts. I wish you the best in whatever you take on in life. You are a survivor. Don’t you ever forget that.
For me this story is not about giving up.
It is about being brave.
And determined.
And to stand up eight.

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