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This blog is a bit of a personal share, but hey I’m only human like yourself. So here goes! I have been a bit of a Debby Downer over the past few months. And I am a very upbeat person most of the times, so I thought I’d share this personal bit with you.

Things have been crazy busy over the last months and I have put my all into my weekly routine: running photoshoots, my coaching business, writing a book, balancing it all with my private life, all stuff at the house, while still having time for my hobbies: cooking and exercising. It seems just a lot to keep things running smoothly, but I have got this really nice routine that keeps things going.


Disconnected, now what?

But lately I have been feeling off a bit. Disconnected. Somewhat down at times. What’s going on? I feel like stuff overwhelms me and my mind and body sometimes just don’t make the connection. Like I am outside looking at my life. So how do I deal with that? Well, I’ve been scaling down even further on the work hours and now work 16 hours a week, divided over 4 days. That gives me one day off for me and me alone. Time to relax, go out for a run or take a long hot bath. Just me time, every Thursday.

You see, you can keep up with a ‘rat race’, because stuff needs to be done. But there is always stuff going on, and you can keep running and running. Is this an effective way of spending your time? In my eyes, no. The one most important thing to keep going in my opinion, is self care. I often compare work-life balance to an emergency situation in an airplane. Who has to put his/her oxygen mask on first? Right, you do! And then you put your kid’s oxygen masks on later to help them the best way you can.


That’s how I treat my life, now that’s filled to the brim (with nice stuff, don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining!): I prioritize self care, and I am very diligent about my exercise and run 3 times a week. I cook 6 out of 7 dinners a week, and eat healthy food and drink loads of water. I don’t drink alchohol or coffee, something I can strongly recommend if you want to gain energy! I also make sure that I get in at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night, and I turn off my phone 1-2 hours before bed time. What do I do then with my time? I relax and chill with my kids and my boyfriend. I go for long nice walks. I read, and I journal. Why? Because my brain is at its analytical peak in the evening, so I can focus on my goals then.

And in the morning I get up early when I get the chance and I start the day with journaling again. Then I do some meditation or some tai chi.  What’s important for me: when I get up, I don’t distract myself with social media, nor do I start my day in a reactive way. No, I start my day without my phone (it is not even in my bedroom at night but downstairs in the kitchen) and just re-read my intentions I wrote the night before and I keep my mind and focus to myself. Then I get the kids ready for school, make a good, big and healthy breakfast and get the day going.


What makes you smile

And what is most powerful for me, now that I experience some roughness in my mood? Every day I choose to be grateful, I choose to express what makes me happy and I envision myself in my ultimate dream goals. I embrace my feelings, validate my emotions, as they all bring me value, and I smile. Doing so it helps me to see beyond what is going on right now. With crazy busy school and work schedules, I just smile and keep the bigger picture in mind.

I can totally recommend some sort of gratitude exercise if you are having a rough time balancing life and work and all other things that keep you busy. You will see that it helps you focus on the future instead of the past. I surely know it works for me! And it can be so easy. Just write down five things that you are grateful for each day. And keep doing this. You will notice quickly what effect it has on your mood.

PS: for those of you who don’t know where to get the time to do all this? I can tell how I do it. Switch off the TV, remove all social media apps from your phone and put an automatic Do Not Disturb on your phone from 6 pm to 9 am, so you can’t be disturbed. I don’t watch tv, but I write, I read, I am outdoors. Embrace the FOMO, because well, YOLO!

Take care, xo Yvonne



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