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Ok, the week has been too full. I did another public speaking event by hosting a workshop and product presentation here in my studio, I had a few really amazing discovery calls and booked some more coaching clients for my online coaching program and I kept all stuff at home up and running.

I slept all morning

  And today? I was totally exhausted, so I had to take a day off and just sleep. Yep, I slept. The whole night yesterday and the whole morning this morning. And I woke up refreshed and filled with energy again. So I finished a job that had taken me ages to do otherwise in just under 30 minutes.

My point? You need to recharge your battery. Even when you are good at planning, stuff still happens and sometimes you get overwhelmed or just plain busy. Then once the job is done, or when your body asks for a break, you give your body and mind a break. Simple as that.

Come from a place of fear? That’s unsustainable

Lots of solo entrepreneurs are afraid of breaks. Afraid of missing out on bookings, leads, possible visibility online, afraid of missing out on money. But when you live from a place of fear, your energy attracts the wrong crowd and you can’t sustain that way of working. The right customer will know that you will call back. He/she is enjoying a nice weekend too.

Just go offline. Be brave

So, be bold. Disconnect your phone in the weekend. Step outside and wonder what you are going to do with all of your free time. Walking? Chilling? Shopping? Catching up with that friend you haven’t spoken in weeks? Cuddling with the cat? Painting your toe nails? Just be brave and stay OFFLINE for one entire weekend.

I take these digital breaks regularly. I need them. They make me recharge. Be creative again. They bring out the best business ideas. I love being OFFLINE. I can highly recommend them to you.

So, what will I be doing this weekend? Chilling, running, taking an ice bath for my health, cooking, reading, baking a cake for my son’s stuffed animal that is having a birthday party. What are you going to do?

Let me know and I will check it, but only AFTER the weekend.

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