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Are you feeling fit and energetic?

Do you use weekends for reloading and relaxing? I do! But... Listen up: I used to feel low on energy, have "weekend" headaches, and just not feel revitalized. Come Monday I would dread the moment that I would have to get up out of bed. Earlier year I made a change and decided to switch my fuel to ROCKET FUEL! This totally worked for me and is changing my life. Curious? Just read on.

Align your behavior with your goals

Earlier this year when I was working on my yearly planner for both my coaching business and my photography business, something felt off. I was going through my list of 10 goals that I make at the end of each year, evaluating how things were progressing. And while reading my precious list, my eyes got stuck on one of the points, which was "I will shine and feel energized at my ideal weight of 78 kg which I will reach on my birthday on December 2nd." And guess what? It was the beginning of April and I felt totally empty, tired and out of shape!

Shame on me! I put myself last!

Yes, my dear friend, in my quest for goal reaching for my work, for my family, for my future plans, I forgot to take care of my own body! AAAAAAHHH, how did that slip into the normal day routine????? I had enough time to relax, but not to really recharge. I had time off (mind you, I only work 20 hours a week, so no harm there, right?) What went wrong with my priorities? So, I decided on that day that I would clean my act up. Because I was really done with my overweight, tired, headache-filled body and mind. I needed to CHANGE. I needed a break from the go-go-go goals. I needed ME TIME, but then in the shape of exercise and more outdoor activity. I needed to get my weight down. I needed to cut down on the Netflix time that crept in... (guilty!) Down with all that weight that I kept hanging onto. The so-called 'pregnancy weight' (while my daughter is turning 5 next week, uhuh, you feel me?).


And then the journey to health began...

I started with my daily exercise: early morning meditation while the rest of the house was still asleep. And I took on tai chi for morning movement. I also started walking at least 7,000 steps a day, outdoors! While walking I would listen to inspiring podcasts to get new thoughts and ideas in my brain. (I will write another blog on my favorites later this month.) And especially to let go off my work brain for a moment each day. I even picked-up another URL to document my journey. You can follow my journey to a better health on my personal weight-loss journey blog:  www.millionaire-mother.com. Be warned: this blog is personal and very candid! But for me it just felt right as I needed a platform to have the reader as my accountability partner. And that is what it is.


Getting your personal message out there can be cathartic

For the first time in my life I have decided that I will work on my health in a healthy way without extreme diets! First I cut out all sugar. Wow, hello headaches! But that soon improved. And after a few months of soul searching and trying out my new health routine and new, healthy recipes, I also had an epiphany: I had watched PlantPure Nation on Netflix and had read the book Finding Ultra by Rich Roll, the 51-year old vegan athlete and Ultraman runner that had transformed his life and health by implementing a plant-based diet. The documentary and book both resonated deeply with me. I had already tested out being a vegetarian in my teens and later years, ate vegan food more often and kept on coming back to this way of eating without animal products. Besides that I felt really conscious about the state of our planet. What are we humans doing to the environment? What example am I to my children? What future will I leave them if we have no healthy environment to live in? So, on that day, things just fell into place. And I went vegan! Just cold turkey (gotta love that pun, right?): no more animal products for me!


And the winner is? Planet Earth! And... me!

After a few weeks of 'clean' eating, using only plant-based products I am over the moon. Not only does the food taste AMAZING! I also have an energy level that is like nothing I've experienced EVER before! My skin has cleared up, my hair and nails are getting strong and shiny, I no longer suffer from the migraines and bloated stomach, and I have lost 20 pounds!!! Wow, what a difference my 'body fuel' makes on me. I could totally recommend it to you, my friend. Eating vegan, or rather whole foods plant-based (with low levels of S.O.S. or Salt, Oil and Sugar), gives your power, energy and just takes you into another stage in your life. I just feel like a superwoman! And on the plus side? My food choices no longer harm animals (have you seen documentaries like "What the health" and "Earthlings"??? OMG...) and leave a way smaller carbon footprint on this precious planet of ours. If you’re serious about protecting the environment, the most important thing that you can do is stop eating meat, eggs, and dairy “products”. I know my switch to this lifestyle can offend people. And please do keep in mind, that this is a choice that works for ME. I don't want to impose my way of eating and living onto you. I merely illustrate why and how I got to this decision and how this makes me feel. I hope you can respect that.


I want to lead by example for people around me, but especially my kids

As a true minimalist, this way of clean eating really fits the bill. It makes me feel good about animal welfare, caring for the planet, and reducing my carbon footprint. But it also feels so well inside my body. It is like I am running on rocket fuel and I can conquer the world! Amen for fruits, vegetables, nut, beans, seeds, legumes. I eat loads of starchy foods (hello carbohydrates, oh yeah!) and never have to count calories. I am no longer hungry and eat copious amounts of food. You should see my lunch. It is a BIG lunch! And I love all the new recipes that fuel my body and my brain, which ultimately fuel the growth of my businesses. And above all, the fact that animals no longer have to suffer for my food choices is a decision that just really REALLY warms my heart.

I hope you like this confession and rather personal story on my new way of eating and living a plant-powered life. If it isn't something for you, no judgement, that's fine. If it inspired you, good for you! It just feels good to me to get more of personal message and personal life out there, so can you I am only human too, just like you. I struggle with the same things anyone else struggles with and my life is far from perfect (cuz that would be so boring!). I thank you for your time to read my blog post. Please feel free to email me for inspirational and educational documentaries on this topic, leave a comment below or just go ahead to Millionaire Mother on Instagram, YouTube of Facebook. I can recommend you recipes and good books about eating a whole foods, plant-based diet. Thanks so much for reading this. I wish you a wonderful and energetic day!

xo Yvonne

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