The online group coaching program, Studio Sessions, has several guest trainers to help you get on the right track during your business transformation. One of the trainers is Monique Aipassa.

I want to use this blog to introduce her and let her talk about the topic of her guest training.

Monique Aipassa from Vital Touch Retreats

“My name is Monique Aipassa and I help busy 40+ mothers who crave and want more” me time “, to become (more) aware of their own energy management and how they can attune to their true heart desires and dreams, so that they can feel empowered to be able to meet everyday’s challenges from a relaxed state with ease, grace, joy for life and flair. I invite them to experience the MAGIC in the here and now with all their senses.

As the mother of 2 boys of sons (21 and 17 years) and “bonus” mother of 3 lovely kids (18 and two of 16 years), I now get to live (after unmasking my own “inner dragons”) every day in my own created dream of “me time”. I have made this a TOP priority, which is “non-negotiable”.

For the past 21 years I have been able to help many mothers through my massage practice with improving their health. Those women have come to realize the importance of “me time” and now can act accordingly.

I am a Certified Shiatsu Massage Therapist and a certified Dream Builder Coach. ”

What’s the training all about?

“The less I do, the more I make” What can we learn from Albert Einstein?

I will explain the basic principle of T => F => A and give you the “H P F method to MAGIC”.

Be your own SUPER HERO!”

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