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An eye-opening realization I have to share

As my coaching business is up and running, and my online group program and accompanying book and tools are taking shape for this Autumn, I have also realized that since the beginning of this year I am zoning in on one thing that is important for me.

I am so happy with the current work-life balance that I have created in my life and I am so proud to see my business thrive and my family blossom. I love how I have my work planned out, and I can really savor my down-time at home with my loved ones. I feel really blessed with the now. But…

There was one loved one on the back burner

In January I realized that there was one loved one that kept ending up on the back burner the most. Can you guess who that loved one was?

It was me!

As I was working on one of the modules with an introduction video for my new in-person Business Coaching Package a few weeks ago, I realized that, before I could launch the group program, I first had to take on another project, if I wanted to feel in sync with what I have to offer my current and future clients. And that project is me!

Abundance Now!

A while back I was listening to another brilliant podcast by Lewis Howes from the School of Greatness. He interviewed Lisa Nichols, the author of “Abundance Now”, and one thing she said really struck a cord with me. She was asked to coach a client with her weight loss, but she couldn’t accept that job, as she was still carrying a lot of emotional weight herself. What she did instead was eye-opening for me: she didn’t take on the job as a coach FOR her, but she decided to walk the walk WITH her. Lisa lost a lot of weight together with that client, and she now looks amazing. As she said, she didn’t LOSE the pounds, but she RELEASED them. (She doesn’t want them back, LOL.)

Now that is accountability!

And now I want to make you my partner in crime, as I have commenced this journey of getting this body in motion. I have already put new daily habits in motion. I am walking 7000 steps every day. I have rediscovered my old love for the mountain bike and you can now find my cycling through the woods on weekends. (I even took my new mountainbike with me on our latest trip to Denmark and Germany, those hillside heights really burnt my leg muscles!)

How am I doing right now? How are things taking shape, health-wise?

And the current status quo you might wonder? I feel amazing! I have already lost 12 pounds. I am starting to discover a whole other level of energy that I haven’t felt in a long LONG time!

Right now I want to tone-up, lose more weight (although I already FEEL incredible, don’t get me wrong!) and I want to share it with you, so YOU can hold me accountable.

This. Is. My. Time. 2018 is my year!

I will be sharing my progress over here in the coming months as I will keep in motion. I will keep my new habit of working out and exercising and I will match my inside body image and emotions with that outside body that I have hidden so well for a long time.

Right now I am also curious to your health habits. And please let me know if you have any tips to share with me, while I am on this incredibly exciting and fun trip to a better health! My guess is, the more the merrier. So please feel free to comment or send me a direct message at The other thing I realized is that I really want to lead by example for my children, on how to lead a healthy life.

That’s all for now! Hope you liked this read.

To your health!



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