A client of mine said to me last week: Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you’re not perfect! You're human too. Ehm yeah? I'm not some alien from the ice planet Hoth. (Sorry, I'm a real Star Wars geek!) I responded to her: "Well, sure. Why would I be?"

Are you perfect? I’m surely not! Thank God! Being perfect or striving to best sounds really exhausting and so surreal.

I have learned a long time ago to embrace my imperfections and just go ahead living. And that's after years of trial and error. With the emphasis on ERROR. Dang, I've been so strict with myself for many many years. But I no longer am.

Just this week I had a rather imperfect moment at the gym when my personal trainer made me do rope skipping. Know what happened? I was into my second round of skipping rope and I just felt my pelvis struggling. You know, I've hired a personal trainer to heal from my pelvic instability, so I can pick up running again.

Well this time my body just lost the battle and something terribly mortifying happened: I peed my pants! Yup, I was so embarrassed I even cried. But my trainer was very understanding and we cut the training short so I could go home and clean myself up.

I've been struggling with urinal loss ever since I had two babies. Those pregnancies just changed my body forever. And that's fine. But I'm now learning how to improve my body and that takes time.

You know what I've learned from this little incident? I'm only human, mistakes can happen and you just have to pick up the pieces after something happens and keep going. Look forward, not backwards.

So today I went to the gym again and brought an extra pair of clothes. Just in case. No harm done, and I feel proud of the fact that I always keep going.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday. And I'd love to hear how you deal with your imperfections in the comments below.

xo Yvonne

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