The one new year’s resolution you will ever need

A new year is coming. All of us are hopeful again. Making new year’s resolutions. And I am doing the same.

This year I’m wishing for a lot of things NOT to happening.

Not falling into the everlasting diet trap.

Not setting focus on more possessions or the latest fashion.

Not aspiring more power or status.

Not having a superficial surface or inauthentic nature.

Not chasing after outdated dreams and goals.

This year I am putting my energy out there for others.

Our home

My wishes are for our planet. Our home.

I hope she thrives, breathes and smiles.

I dream she keeps us protected and unharmed.

All living beings

My wishes are for all living beings. Human and animal. Children and adults.

I hope they all can live, love and prosper in safety and in good health.

Our souls

My wishes are for our souls.

I hope they are filled with positive energy, connectivity and contribution.

Our minds

My wishes are for our minds.

I hope they are inquisitive,  bright and understanding.

Our hearts

My wishes are for our hearts.

I hope they are full of empathy, warmth and joy.

Each other

Let’s take each second, minute, day and each of our breaths and efforts,

To move each other forward and to cherish our common home.

Let’s nurture our blue marble back to health.

So we can all look each other in the eye and say:

This is the one new year’s resolution we will ever make.



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